Spiritual Consciousness

“In our ways, spiritual consciousness is the highest form of politics. We must live in harmony with the natural world and recognize that excessive exploitation can only lead to our own destruction. We cannot trade the welfare of our future generations for profit. We are instructed to carry love for one another, and to show… Continue reading Spiritual Consciousness

Love One Another

“It is not mandatory to like someone to Love them.” ~ Anonymous I heard something like this a while ago but I didn’t truly grasp it until one day when I was put in a position help someone I didn’t really like. I share this story because I hope others who hear it will get… Continue reading Love One Another

React vs Respond

“When you react, you let other control you. When you respond, you are in control.” ~ Bohdi Sanders Humans have the tendency to act impulsively when they are hurt or angered. Many, MANY times those impulsive acts wind up being demeaning, harsh, and just plain mean and spiteful. And many, MANY times we regret our… Continue reading React vs Respond

Joy is Contagious

“Yawns are not the only infectious things out there besides germs. Giggles can spread from person to person.” ~ Vera Nazarian Anyone we run into could struggling with something at that moment and we may not even know it. The person in front of you in the store could have just been fired from their… Continue reading Joy is Contagious

Freedom of the Past

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the “stuff” that weighs you down.” ~ Toni Morrison Everyone has been hurt by someone in their lives. Perhaps someone has hurt us so bad that we harbor a resentment towards them. The only way to get past resentments is to forgive that person – not for… Continue reading Freedom of the Past

The Self Made Person

“The truth is – no matter how ‘self-made’ you think you are, you are really made by many who have invested in your life. Be known as a thankful and grateful person… and be known as the person that is investing in others to build them up, as well. It’s your way of paying back… Continue reading The Self Made Person


Have you ever watched any of those tv shows or movies about a zombie apocalypse? That’s kinda how our world is becoming with this disease called addiction. If you’re not familiar with either zombies or drug addiction allow me explain. After watching a tv show about zombies, I realized that addicts are similar to zombies.… Continue reading Zombies