Ghost dance

Written November 18, 2016 “You can kill my body, you can damn my soul, For not believin’ in your God and some world down below but,You don’t stand a chance against my prayers, You don’t stand a chance against my love” ~ Robbie Robertson…”Ghost Dance “ I must admit, after doing a bit of research… Continue reading Ghost dance

A Newton Officer on Drug Overdoses

Published July 2, 2017 I read this on a social media page not long ago and I wanted to share this with you… I wrote this not to transfer anger from one group to another, trust me there is enough justified anger to go around with the heroin epidemic. I wrote it because discussions of… Continue reading A Newton Officer on Drug Overdoses

A Few Quotes Worth Sharing

Written November 16, 2016(edited 2017) What started out as looking to see who said the quote below(found in Wikipedia), turned into gathering together what I had in quotes. They are a culmination of what I’ve found throughout the internet and social media in recent months regarding history, lessons learned, love, inspiration, empowerment and even some… Continue reading A Few Quotes Worth Sharing

Ecclesiastes “A Time for Everything “

Written July 12, 2016(edited 2017) Have you ever looked back at pictures you’ve taken and remembered when a certain picture was taken? Good times or bad, no matter how young or old you are, you most likely remember when, where and what was going on that day. Maybe you start to feel the feelings of… Continue reading Ecclesiastes “A Time for Everything “

Morals and Values

Written July 10, 2017 As I continue to watch the news and troll thru social media, I can’t help but wonder what will happen with our future generations. What are we teaching them? And are we ourselves showing them in our daily living the right way to live? Or are we instead repeating what we… Continue reading Morals and Values

Being Played

Written July 9, 2017 “We try our hardest to avoid these kinds of people at all costs, but sometimes we find ourselves facing players.  A player may have so much going on, but there’s just something a little… off.  Something about your relationship doesn’t feel entirely authentic, and you can’t pinpoint exactly what…He might be… Continue reading Being Played