“Monsters” Part 1

Written October 25,2016

“It is not the monsters we should be afraid of; it is the people that don’t recognize the same monsters inside of themself.” ~Shannon L. Alder.

What started out originally as a short daily reading entry for a project I’m working on morphed into something much bigger than I expected. Here is Part 1 of my thoughts on this quote.

Let’s start out by looking at the definition of monster. 1) an imaginary creature usually having various human and animal parts, is abnormally large and powerful and exists only in legends or myths or fiction; example a behemoth, colossus, giant, goliath, 2) an anomaly or unusual person; a person or animal that is markedly unusual or deformed; a freak, a monstrosity, 4) a cruel, wicked and inhumane person – demon, devil, fiend, ogre; a demoniac – someone who acts as if possessed by a demon. They are frenzied as if possessed by a demon; someone who’s insane or afflicted with or characteristic of mental derangement. 5) Finally a monster is also a type of disagreeable or unpleasant person. In the second part of this I will write about this type of monster. By now I’m sure you kinda get my point.

When I look back at my life and people I’ve met or known over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that each one of us has a little monster inside of us. Whether it’s someone who’s murdered another person, ran a red light, or took something from someone or some place that we shouldn’t have even if it was a pen, or the company stapler. Perhaps we were addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, shopping or whatever. And during that time we stole from people, spent all the family’s money, or even said some really nasty things to our family, loved ones and friends. The degree of how bad varies from person to person – this includes the person’s perception of how bad another person is.

We also know that there are all kinds of bad things happening in our communities as well as in our states and countries. There’s famine, poverty, addiction, fighting brother against brother, oppression, as well as rampant and overwhelming corruption everywhere. And that’s just a short list. However, believe it or not, these are not the biggest monsters in the world(That’s in part 2).

At some point, many of us probably felt shame and guilt for what we did. Maybe we felt like we were monsters for the things we did or said. We try to apologize to the ones we hurt but we hear, “Yea you’re sorry alright. You’re a sorry son of a…” well you know. What we can do is make amends. When you make amends, you mend something you have damaged. The biggest thing we can do to make amends is to change our ways. When we do that and don’t act out our old behaviors we show those we’ve hurt that we are truly working on changing from our old ways. This is an indirect way, but still an excellent way to make things right with those we’ve hurt.

Making an amends doesn’t necessarily mean the ones we’ve hurt will forgive us. Sometimes the ones we hurt never forgive us. Unfortunately I know if you’re a monster and you’re reading this you probably didn’t want to hear that. Those who know me and love me know that I don’t sugar coat the truth these days. Don’t let that dishearten you tho. Don’t stop trying to be a better person because of this. If you truly want to be a better person, do it for yourself so you can hold your head high again.

As I said earlier, these are not the biggest kinds of monsters in the world today. Even tho these kinds of people are pretty hideous, there is another kind of monster that worse. Come back tomorrow for part 2.


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About Bella’s Thoughts. This is a project that I began in my mind a number of years ago when I began reading some daily meditations. I had my own thoughts on many occasions and attempted to journal many times without success. It began to take shape when I took on another project for a Spiritual Advisor and dear friend who past away. To learn more about me read my very first blog post. For more daily reflections go to... https://www.facebook.com/Stephanies-Sweetgrass-and-Dancin-1414954615472943/

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