Belief in a God??

Written November 2, 2016

“I don’t believe in God(or a Higher Power). If He REALLY existed then bad things wouldn’t happen to me or anyone and He’d stop bad things from happening.” ~A frequent statement I’ve heard

Imagine something like this happening to you. You were raised in a particular religion, went thru all the sacraments and “graduated” Sunday school and high school knowing this one faith. After graduating, like the curious young adult you are, maybe you learned about and even experiment a little with other religions.

Next thing you know, a series of bad events happens that test your Faith, even causes you to lose faith in any Higher Power. Stuff like numerous, failed relationships, loss of your home and precious animals to a fire, a damaged body, damaged marriage, addiction, job loss, financial burdens, death of loved ones, illness etc. All of this causes you to be angry and you start cursing whatever Higher Power there may be. Maybe you’re angry and disheartened that there are so many bad things going on in the world or that bad people do bad things to good people and get away with it.

That has been me and my life. The stuff I’ve gone thru, feelings I’ve had, and the crazy thoughts that go with all of it. Wanna know the crazy thing? I’ve realized that’s what’s called life on life’s terms. Your Higher Power doesn’t put you thru bad “stuff” to test your Faith in Him. He gives each one of us freewill, the choice and freedom to do what we want to do, how we want to do it, and when we want to do it. It’s not like He’s some puppet master pulling our strings. He does guide us by putting others in our lives, putting us in situations and even removing others or us from people and situations not so that we do His bidding. He does it like i said, to guide us. It’s up to us humans to choose what to do if we do anything.

“But why doesn’t He stop wars or cure cancer?” I’ve heard myself and other people wail. Think of it like this, does your Higher Power step in and break up a fight between you and, say, your brother or sister? No. He/She probably in truth borrowed your favorite shirt but you jump to conclusions and accused them of stealing it. All you had to do was ask nicely. As for cancer and other progressive, incurable and fatal illnesses, well, if you trace it back to its source you will probably see that humans are to blame.

Thought for the day: I want you to look in the eyes of a child. Look into those beautiful eyes, whether your child or someone else’s, and tell me how a child – how you – were created out of nothingness.


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