The Past

Written October 4, 2016

“Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either learn from it… or run from it.” ~Rafiki(From The Lion King)

Out of all the quotes regarding the past, I think this is my favorite. It’s actually part of a scene from a kids movie called “The Lion King”. Rafiki is a baboon that encounters a lion, Simba, who ran from his home after being told he caused his father’s death. Simba tells Rafiki about his running away. Then, all of the sudden Rafiki bops Simba on the head with his walking stick. Then the conversation goes something like this,“Oww! Why’d you do that?” Simba says. “It’s in the past. Forget about it” Rafiki says. Simba then says, “But that hurt!!” Rafiki continues his lesson by saying, “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it… or learn from it.” The next time Rafiki goes to bop Simba on the head he catches the walking stick before it makes contact. Finally Rafiki says something like, “Now you’re learning.”

The point I’m trying to make is that every single one of has made, still does make and will continue to make mistakes. None of us is perfect and some of us make bigger mistakes than others. Whether it’s lying, stealing, murder, addiction to drugs/alcohol/gambling/etc, or running a red light or stop sign.

Many of us that make big mistakes feel some amount of guilt while others are weighed down with so much guilt and it weighs so heavily on us that it feels like we will die. What we cannot, we must not, do is run away from our mistakes. We must do what we can to make amends to those we hurt. We can’t say we’re sorry because some of say that so much we will probably hear, “Yea, you’re sorry alright. A sorry son of a…” To make an amends is to make things right. For example, if you stole money from someone or some place, repay the money you stole. If you broke a window, replace it.

Another thing we can do is called an indirect amends which is when we change from our old ways. If we’ve hurt someone who’s passed away all we can do is look to the sky and express our regret and that we were wrong for doing what we did. We can also pray to our Higher Power. It’s up the people we hurt to forgive us. Sometimes no matter what we do, no matter how many hoops we jump thru or mountains we climb, we may not get the forgiveness we seek.

Personally, I took some wrong turns in life. I zigged when I should’ve zagged and I ended up hurting loved ones in my life. Most of them have forgiven me and still love me. A couple of them still feel the hurt I caused. I’ve had to learn to accept this. I could run away like Simba physically or metaphorically but I choose to stay and deal with life on life’s terms. Don’t get me wrong, it hurts my heart like crazy that these people still hurt but today I know that I cannot change anyone let alone their feelings about me. I don’t like it but I accept it. All I can do is say a prayer that someday they’ll find a space in their heart to forgive me and leave it in my Higher Power’s hands. I’m am working on a more peace filled life today and to be able to do that, this is what I need to do.

Thought for the day: Even tho you’ve made mistakes in your life, don’t run from them. Running doesn’t help. See the mistake as just that, a mistake. Say a prayer to your Higher Power, forgive yourself, make it right somehow, and work to be a better version of you than you were yesterday.


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