Bella’s Thoughts on Death

Written September 20, 2016

“There is no death, only a change of worlds.” ~Chief Seattle 
As we grow older on this journey we call life, we encounter a life changing experience called death. 
I think my first encounter with death was my grandfather’s passing when I was a teenager. I was fairly close to him and I remember his passing crushed me. Since then over the years I’ve been to many funerals or wakes for many of the people who passed away who were involved in my life on various levels. 

One thing I hated was seeing the difference between life and death in the person I knew in life. They looked so… so…soulless. But see that’s all we are. We are souls and our bodies are our physical forms. Since that’s a deep subject that I’ll get into another time. 

I always knew services for our loved ones to be a time of mourning and a serious time. A time for respect for the family and the deceased. There was one service I’d been to a couple years ago that completely changed my view on death and funerals.

One day I went to a wake for a friends father and was rather shocked by what I found. As I walked into the room I was hearing music from this gentleman’s culture and people joking, laughing, and telling stories about the man. I knew that sometimes a person’s passing is a blessing but I’d never encountered this. When I asked my friend about it he said it was a celebration of his life. That in their culture we weren’t to mourn death but to celebrate the life our loved one had with us. 

Since then my whole view on death and funerals changed. I also realized that we keep our loved ones alive when we share stories about, look at pictures and remember them. Don’t get me wrong, I am sad when someone passes because I will miss them, however, I now know their spirit is always alive when I recall them in my mind or heart and when I share the memories of the time(s) we spent together.

Thought for the day: It’s perfectly normal to hurt inside when someone dies. We just shouldn’t live in that grief day after day for the rest of our lives. We need to remember they are a whole and happy person again who is not suffering in any pain they may have had on Earth. We feel the loss of their departure but we can take comfort in knowing we’ll see our loved ones again some day.

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