One Bad Apple

Written June 18, 2016

“One bad apple spoils the whole bunch”. This was an all to common phrase as I was growing up. Can this phrase accurately compare apples and humans? Could this even be a true statement? Let’s compare apples to apples and see what we can shake from the tree.

I’ll be the first to admit I was rather lousy in my high school science classes so, luckily for everyone I won’t go into scientific details. All I have is practical working knowledge of produce decay. Which is basically what happens with all life forms – when it dies it decays which is a wasting or wearing away, rot; specifically aerobic decomposition of proteins chiefly by bacteria.(courtesy of the online Merriam-Webster dictionary.) A lot of times this rotting occurs in dark, damp places too.

I have to confess, I had been in the process of writing a rant on this subject but that’s just what it would’ve been, a rant which is not what the intentions of this page. It is to spread peace, love, compassion and kindness just as Doug would have wanted. So why do I even care about this icky stuff? I’d like to say it’s for some mad scientist experiment but it’s not. It’s because I hear so much on the news about hatred of our police officers or that they’re all racist or even worse. It seems as tho police officers are shot and killed at least every week while doing the very thing they were sworn to do. To protect and serve. To protect not only civilians but also the laws of the land. Laws that protect our rights as humans as well as our freedoms.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that there are SOME bad police officers in some areas of this country that “some” can in reality feel like the whole department is corrupt. That they’re gunning down certain individuals only. However, to make what seems like a blanket statement that they’re ALL bad and corrupt during a protest is just not right nor is it true. Not to mention the fact that by doing that tells me that those doing the protesting are racist. Remember the definitions of racism and hatred? Racism – discrimination or hatred based on race. Hatred -­ intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury. Both come from not knowing the other person and a perceived or even preconceived thoughts that aren’t totally true.

Back to my original statement about bad apples. In a basket of apples I have noticed that by leaving a rotten one in with all the other good ones, the bacteria breaking down the bad one can and does “infect” other good ones around it. Pull that bad apple from the bunch and the rest will still be good for a while longer. Humans are different. In school I can remember being punished if someone or some of the kids in class did something naughty when the teacher had left the room. Even tho I most likely didn’t participate, I still got in trouble. Flip that around just a bit. Say that because that teacher was mean in unjustly punishing me, is it right for me to feel that only that teacher or that all teachers are mean? How would you feel if you were included under some blanket statement?

In these days of 24/7 news we tend to hear more about all the stuff that’s been going on not to mention the fact the news media seem to sensationalize(present information about something in a way that provokes public interest and excitement, at the expense of accuracy) a lot of the bad stuff that happens. Why? Because humans, myself included, love drama and chaos especially if it’s not their own lives. So with that in mind, reporting on it builds up their popularity among viewers. And sadly, many times that reporting is one sided. Certain details are left out or edited out. All the good that happens rarely if ever gets reported on. Anybody ever here about police officers pulling people over at Christmas time to give that person a gift, for no special reason at all, instead of a ticket? Do you realize this actually started happening before all of this protesting crap? I remember sharing the video clip of it on my Facebook page before this whole mess began.

The seasons are symbolic of birth and rebirth. Why not take this time to start turning the tides of hatred and anger into compassion, love, peace and kindness? Start by thanking the first person you see for anything they may have done, no matter how big or small. If you get a chance at all, don’t just thank a service person for their military service, or a customer service person(store clerk or waitress) for the service they provided you. Thank a police officer for selflessly putting their lives on the line. I know from doing it myself that they appreciate it. How do I know this? I’ve done it three times since this year began and seen the shock and gratitude on their faces. Two times was when I saw them in a restaurant and the other during a traffic stop.  That officer didn’t even give me a speeding ticket after I thanked him for protecting me.


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