Bella’s Thoughts on Freedom 

Written November 12, 2016

“If you’re not ready to die for it, put the word ‘freedom’ out of your vocabulary” ~Malcolm X

***”You” does not necessarily mean you the reader.

I’m not necessarily a huge fan of Malcolm X. My reason is because of the way he went about trying to bring awareness and change to the African-American community but this quote stood out to me.

Currently racism, whether it’s perceived, factual or perpetuated by others in big money, has come into the forefront of social media and news media outlets across the country. In the wake of this, masses of people have in various ways during protests shown disrespect for the American Flag, the National Anthem, our troops and the country as a whole.

While I agree with peaceful protesting various things that are wrong in the country and applaud utilizing your Freedom of Speech, all of these symbols of our freedom should be protected and left out of protesting. Granted, burning or flying the American Flag upside down is not illegal, it is disrespectful.

Some things you may not know about respect for the flag. A flag should only be flown upside down in times of extreme distress like if we were being bombed by another country or a zombie apocalypse(ok, that’s a stretch but you get my point). It should only be burned in a ceremonial way if it’s tattered and torn. It should also never touch the ground.

When you do that stuff to the flag, or you sit and/or raise an arm with a fist as the Black Panthers did years ago, during the National Anthem it is like spitting on our military. You are doing this to past, present and future soldiers, their families that support them, as well as our Founding Fathers. I’m quite certain that if you ask any veteran or their family members you will find that this is how they feel. I will almost bet if you look far enough in your family’s history you will find a relative who fought in some war.

This country was founded for and it’s citizens have fought for this country for one main reason – Freedom. Think about this if you will. I am quite certain that someone somewhere reading this does not have the Freedoms that we take for granted. There may even be someone somewhere reading this who would be in some serious trouble if they were even caught reading this. Our wars, for the most part, have been fought to preserve our way of life.

Thought for the day: Ask yourself this question, what would your life be like right now if Japan, Germany, Vietnam, Korea, England, France or any of the Middle East countries we’ve fought won? To get the answer just look at how life is right now in any of those countries. Would you have the happiness and freedoms you have now?


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