Bella’s Thoughts on Hope

Written November 1, 2016

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light” ~Buddha

Imagine this scenario for just a moment. Your widowed mother who’d suffered an aneurysm and stroke years ago and was living by herself suddenly falls ill. She cannot speak very well nor can she really understand what’s being said to her. She is taken to the hospital pretty much against her will. You and your sibling take turns going to see her at least twice a day. She gets better and is placed in a physical therapy rehab.

Next thing you know, your spouse that you love dearly despite the rough waters you’re going thru suddenly wants a divorce. Now you’re broke and homeless except you can live in your parents house. Then you find you’re soon to be ex has been having an affair, is saying foul nasty things behind your back and wants to give you nothing in the divorce.

You have your mom come back in her home with you and you try to care for her but she slowly declines despite your best efforts. Any hopes and dreams you have are gone because of the amount of care your mom needs. Pretty much your whole life is sidelined period. As you sit awake at night listening to your mother’s labored breathing, thoughts go thru your mind and feelings rip your heart to shreds. You’re going down a dark hole that leads to a cold, dark abyss.

Suddenly, someone turns on a night light and extends a hand out to help you. That person reminds you that all is not lost, to not leave before the miracle happens and then begins to show you the way back to the light. On that journey back to the light obstacles are thrown in your path that try to drag you back. Job loss, financial problems, a romantic relationship that’s falling apart along with the friendship you once had with this person, sibling issues, health issues, etc.

If we are to make it out of that dark hole we need focus on the light that we were first shown. Sayings we may have heard along the the way help to keep you going. Things like “Don’t leave before the miracle happens” and “This too shall pass” and “My Higher Power doesn’t give me more than I can handle. Soon, the dark clouds dissipate and the sun comes out.

Thought for the day: “Don’t leave before the miracle happens”.


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