To Small to Make a Difference??

Written September 13, 2015

“The things we each do and say in the Circles in our Life, goes out and touches other Circles, other People. Everything we do touches Someone we may not even know. We should always try to be Conscious of the decisions we make, our Words and Deeds. Be Loving and Kind to Yourself, and each One you meet . In Everything you do Today, do it with the Spirit of All that Is.” ~ Doug 

Something to ponder …

There’s a dear friend of mine from high school who I’ve bumped into numerous times since we both graduated. We worked together at one point and after I left there we found each other again thru my then husband years later. Come to find out they grew up together.(If you’re reading this lady, yes I’m talking about us, Lol!). As we rekindled our friendship, I veered off my path. I did some things I regretted doing.

One day I was having a particularly difficult time after coming back to my senses and I reached out to her for some woman to woman advice. As we were talking, she told me that I helped her. She didn’t want to offend me by telling me this but the stuff I’d done during my “bad patch” she almost started doing. That was until she learned from watching me and my mistakes what would happen to her and her family.

I couldn’t believe it, I actually helped her. I helped someone, unintentionally, in a different circle of friends than the ones I have been trying to help. How could I be offended? A dear friend of mine learned to make good choices for herself and family from my wrong life choices. We both have different and the same circles in our lives.

Whether it’s friends or life situations, we both have or went thru different circumstances in our lives and have different and the same friends. Although she’s never met my circle of friends that I help and who help me in return, she saw what I did then and what I do now. The reverse is also true. She also helped me that same day. She talked with me about some things she’d seen with a different yet similar circle of friends. She helped me tremendously that day to not feel like the monster I thought I was. She helped me by telling me I helped her and with a situation I was in.

This is just a snippet of how our various circles intertwine with others in our lives. We never truly know who we can help, or hurt, in another circle. We help each other by the way we live, by being living examples if you will. The same is true when we hurt each other.

On a broader scale, many of us know and understand how things are in the world today. Now, what would the world look like if we nurtured peace, sharing and caring? I can tell you how it is now. Keep in mind, I’m only going to state facts, not my opinion.

To start with there’s a war going on in the Middle East because one group of people think everyone needs to do or believe certain things or live a certain way. Russia has been at war with Ukraine plus North and South Korea are poised to fight each other. People in leadership and other high ranking people are lying, backstabbing and corrupt. Citizens of the U.S., as well as in other countries, are standing up and angrily protesting and looting.

Let’s not forget how Mother Earth has been ravaged in various ways. Hate, discrimination, corruption, dishonesty, greed, gluttony, pride and any other sin you can think of has permeated just about every area of this world and our lives. Personalities before spiritual principles and hypocrisy are the way of life for many people.

“But what can I do? I am just one person and there’s so much to do!…There more bad in the world than good. I’m not strong enough and I’m to poor to do anything .” Doug also said one time, “You have no limits!! Literally, you are as limitless as is the Universe…!!” Truth be told, there are still many good people in this world but it seems as tho they’re to scared to stand up for themselves or others. All is not lost tho. The tides of good vs evil can be turned around, it’s not to late. One person CAN make a difference. One person can start the ball rolling.

Think of all the foundations and animal rescues that do research, donate various services, goods or money to other people and rescue abused or neglected animals. They had their beginnings because of one person who came up with an idea or donated time or money. Even a simple smile and, “Have a nice day” can have a profound effect on someone. One person can influence or teach another person, or groups of people, how to live in a good way.

Let’s start today. All of us everywhere around the world. At least once a day do one good act. Donate your time or your money to an honest to goodness charity, teach one or more people how to live, stand up and speak your mind without anger and hatred, others will follow. You could even start something new in your community to help. It’s up to you and me along with Tom, Dick, Harry, Jane, Jill and Alice to step up and help another person. The time to turn the tide back to the Good winning over Bad is now.


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