Bella’s Thoughts on the Post 2016 Election Results

Written December 1, 2016

“We have before us the chance now to make history together…” ~President Donald J Trump

I know, I hear the sniffles, tears, bitching, moans and groans over the man who said this. However, when I heard him say this in his first or second YouTube video I had to write about it. Then I debated on sharing what I wrote. Then I thought that maybe, just maybe this would change someone’s thoughts about who the people have chosen as our new president. Maybe a Never Trumper or the protester who says, “Not my president “ will see things differently and we can work towards healing our country.

I will be the first to admit, this election and the days before and since the election have not been, well, the greatest between divisive words thrown by many people and the protests. I’ll also admit, President (Elect) Trump was not my first choice during the primaries for various reasons. His bombastic attitude and demeanor coupled with many of the things he’d said to beat his competition and left much to be desired. Let me repeat…”he’d said to beat his competition…” With that said and all the rest of the negatives unsaid, let’s look at this statement that he said.

Very few people can deny the state of our country, let alone the whole world, is in. Those that don’t know or don’t acknowledge this have their head in the sand. Just read or listen the news. Countless people out of work and poor, millions of people addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, a corrupt government with spending at an all time high, and list goes on. This is just the tip of the iceberg. In the United States, if you were to look at the entire picture, you would see that we, our country as a whole – has been slowly going downhill for a number of years. I blame this on many of our leaders from the president all the way to town and city mayors and council members.

On November 8, 2016, a new president was elected. The democratic way of how our presidents are elected worked like it is it has for about 250 years. Now I ask you set aside and forget his divisive words and what he’s allegedly done in the past. Forget about your party affiliation and your preconceived and/or your acquired thoughts and feelings about him. Forget it all and look at him for his vision of America. Remember, this man does not need to do this. He has had a full life and could have easily just retired. He did not need to go thru the gauntlet of “stuff” that he went thru to become our 45th president.

Ok, now that you’ve put all that aside, I have a theory as to why there’s so many people who are upset and afraid of our new president. President (Elect) Trump represents change. People, for the most part, fear change. When we are comfy I our lives with our routines and jobs, etc. we’re happy. Then something or someone comes along and mucks it all up. I’m guessing you’re probably not to happy about it. I admit, I don’t like change either and I have fears about our new president as I have for each new president we’ve had since I was aware enough to understand politics. I mean come on, really? Do you REALLY think he’s going to create some sort of special task force to investigate roundup and deport every person who’s here illegally?

We all know things happen for a reason, right? No, not everyone has liked the things that President Trump has said/done or will say/do. Overall tho, why not give him at least half a chance. Many of us voted because we wanted to make changes in this country, right? President (Elect) Trump vowed to be that change. Put your protest signs away, sit down, be quiet and allow him some time to make some changes.

Thought for the day: Our Constitution and other historical documents have been written to allow for removing a President should he/she fail to fulfill their duties and cause harm to the people and country. He also won the election fair and square according to the way it was designed. Give him a chance to lead this country the way it should be led.


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