Bella on Faith, Commitment and Honor

Written August 1, 2016

I thought about the Spiritual Principles of Faith, Commitment, and Honor today. My reasoning for this topic is that after seeing enough people lacking these Principles I needed to remind myself of people who still value Faith, Commitment and Honor. But first, one of my favorite ways to open a blog post. Yup, you got it. The online dictionary definitions.

Faith is when you have a complete trust, confidence, or belief in someone or something. This can be in a person or their abilities or as in existence of a Higher Power or God. Commitment is a promise to do or give something or a promise to be loyal to someone or something. It’s also following thru with an agreement to do something. Honor kind of ties them all together. It has many meanings, all of them good, so I will just stick to a couple of them. If you are called a man of honor you have integrity(doing the right thing for right reasons or doing the next right thing) in your beliefs and actions, or you have a favorable reputation. If you honor an agreement you conform to, abide by, or act in accordance with said agreement. There’s also graduating with honors or excellent grades. Soldiers are buried with honors or with gun salutes, trumpet calls and the nation’s respect. As you can see it can be used as either a noun or verb, and in many different settings but there’s one word that it boils do to, respect. Respect for other people and even yourself.

For those who don’t know, Spiritual Principles are a list of moral values, moral character, and moral behavior. Despite the word “Spiritual” they are not religious but they are more like following the Golden Rule – doing to others what you would want done to you. Some of them seem like common sense, but what you need to understand is that reading about these principles and actually practicing them in your day-to-day life are two entirely different things (the latter requires vigilance and willingness). The phrase, “easier said than done” comes to mind here.

I’m going to touch on religion for an example only. Many of us have heard of the Ten Commandments right? Most, if not all of them, can be tied into the Principles. Commandments like Honoring our parents, having Faith or Trust in your Higher Power. Also Tolerance and Acceptance as in don’t kill another person, and Honor or Honesty as in don’t commit adultery(have an affair when you’re married – or these days in a relationship) or desire for another person’s spouse or boy(girl)friend. These seem pretty straightforward right? They don’t exactly have wiggle room for one’s own interpretation right? So then, if there’s no wiggle room, where has humanity gone astray?

Throughout the course of history many things, including people, have changed but one thing that hasn’t are the guiding Spiritual Principles. Perhaps more were added to the list but none taken away. Parents and other Elders in tribes(later on in families) have not only taught the children the culture and living skills but also these Spiritual Principles. This continued for many generations thru the centuries up to seemingly the last few generations and decades. Somewhere in the course of history an “infection of the mind” probably started with one disgruntled person who didn’t like being, say for example, Honest. Then someone saw that person being Dishonest and having fun being able to get away with it and said, “Hmmm, if J.Q. Doe can do it and get away with it so can I”. Eventually more and more people thought and did the same thing. Obviously that’s a gross distortion of what most likely happened but I’m guessing that’s the basic gist of it.

Today, we have all kinds of people who don’t follow either some or all of these Spiritual Principles. There are people doing things like a simple lie, stealing, drug/alcohol addiction, committing adultery, and of course killing other people plus all kinds of things in between. It’s almost as tho no one has any common sense, decency, respect or compassion for others let alone themselves. There is a lack of Faith in a Higher Power and each other, a lack of Commitment to do things or stay married or any other relationship including a Higher Power, and there’s also a lack of Honor to follow thru with Commitments. Bottom line, there’s a lack of Respect for each other and especially ourselves. The idea that “Well if J.Q. Doe can do it…” has permeated our conscious and subconscious thought.

By now you’re probably thinking, “Well, all of humanity is lost so what’s the use in being and doing good?” This is not true. All is not lost. There is still hope. Tho it seems as though there’s more bad than good in the world, we just need open our eyes to see that there are still many people that do a lot of good. However for humanity the heal wounds and come back together from all this divisiveness we need to practice, not just read about, the Spiritual Principles. We need to LIVE them in our daily lives. Have Faith in another person, a Higher Power, and especially yourself. If you make a Commitment to do something for someone like in marriage, a political campaign or any relationship, then be sure to follow thru and Honor them. Do this for yourself and others around you. Finally be sure to also Honor, or Respect othets and especially yourself.


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