Bella’s Thoughts on Connections with the Spiritual 

Written November 13, 2014(edited December 26,2016)

“The survival of our society depends on people who have a good connection with the Spiritual. That’s our salvation, and without it society deteriorates into politics and greed.” ~Marcellus Williams, a.k.a. Bear Heart

Something to ponder…

A couple of things I remember from my younger years, 1) saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning before school, 2) going to church every week, and 3) seeing the Ten Commandments in a couple of local Department of Justice buildings. Some may wonder what is so significant about these things. They all have one thing in common, they involve a Power Greater than myself. A Power that wants only good for me and for me to do good things but at the same time has more control over my life than I do. I am powerless over everything that happens around me. I’m not saying I’m some powerless human. I do have power over how I feel, think, act, react and respond to life. I am saying I have no power over how you feel, think, act, react and respond. I also have no power over events.

For example if I’m going to an out of town appointment and I run into road construction, a car accident or bad weather that slows me down, no matter how angry and panicked I get because of the delay I need to remind myself that I have no control over it. Did I tell the road crews to make sure they tear up the road that day and at that time? Did I call ahead and tell the driver of one vehicle to crash into another at just the right time that day? Do you really think I have a direct line to Mother Nature and I command her to make the snow or rain come down like crazy that day and time? Sometimes I like to think I do but in reality I don’t. I do have control over what time I leave. I also have control over how much I goof off before I leave the house.

I never really realized the importance of this Higher Power until recent years. A number of years ago I became angry with my Higher Power because I felt like He abandoned me, wasn’t listening to me or didn’t answer my prayers the way I wanted Him to. I’d begun to think He never existed at all. So I pretty much did what I wanted when I wanted to. That kind of thinking got me into a bit of trouble, not so much trouble with the law but more so with family and friends. I zigged when I should’ve zagged and ended up a mess.

In the last few years I’ve learned a few things, one of them can be best summed up this way, “Self will run riot”. This basically means that if I’m not following what I think my Higher Power wants(aka God’s will) me to do and I do what I want, when I want(aka my self will), then life can get a little messy. My Higher Power is my source of strength, my salvation in an insane world.

Those of you who’ve been around a few years ( 😉 ), have you noticed that without those first 3 things I mentioned that many people have acted worse than they did say 10, 20, even 30 years ago? This is why. A good connection with the Spiritual or Higher Power(no matter what name you call Him/Her) equals survival of the human race, self will running riot equals chaos, destruction, and ultimately the end of the human race as we know it. No, I’m not saying to go out and be a Bible-thumping-church-every-day person. I’m just saying if you’ve lost faith or never had any faith in a Higher Power or a Power Greater than yourself, get to learn about and to know Him/Her/It. You’d be surprised by the things that will happen in your life.

Thought for the day: If you doubt there’s a Power or Force Greater than you think of all the times when bad things should’ve happened but it didn’t. Car accidents, not getting caught by police when you should’ve, etc..


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