Spiritual Principles 

Written January 2, 2014(edited 2016

“While the Times change, Principles and Values do not. Living the Old Ways, doesn’t mean we have to do away the things we have gained…electricity, (convert from fossil fuels to alterNative sources), our homes, running water, it means to Live by the old Values…the Spirituality of our Ancestors, Respect for Each Other, the other Life on this Earth, and the Earth itself. Everything in Life is connected. To each other, to everything else and to the Unseen. This is what was known and Lived. This is what We need to Live, and Teach our Children to Live. The same Spirituality lived by our Ancestors is the same Spirituality that we need in today’s World. Respect doesn’t change. Accountability doesn’t change. Responsibility doesn’t change.” ~ Doug 

Something to ponder…

I swear, the older I get the more I see the method to my parents madness when it came to teaching us the various lessons they taught us. They tried to teach us about something I refer to on occasion, Spiritual Principles and Values. Now hang on for those of you who think I might go off on any particular Higher Power or religious rant. There is a difference between Spiritual and Religious. Time to dust off the online dictionaries again.

Spirituality can best be defined as a “…subjective experience. It may denote almost any kind of meaningful activity(meditation, yoga, tai chi…)or blissful experience(like the awakening of something inside of us. Perhaps our inner spirit or soul). It still denotes a process of transformation, but in a context separate from organized religious institutions(Wikipedia). While Religious is having or showing belief in and reverence for God or a deity(The Free Dictionary).

Spiritual Principles are similar to the Golden Rule(Do unto others…) and aren’t religious, however they are the good ways, some say laws, as to how our Higher Power wants us to live. This is a partial list as there many more: Honesty, Acceptance, Surrender, Hope, Commitment, Faith, Courage, Willingness, Humility, Unconditional love, Perseverance, Open-mindedness, God-Centeredness, Awareness, Vigilance, Self-discipline, Sharing and caring, Patience, Forgiveness, Optimism, Selflessness, Compassion, Consideration, Kindness, Positive thinking, Responsibility, Tolerance, Trust, Unity, Gratitude, and Service.

Values are a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life. A few examples of values are; Determination, Reason, Common Sense, Reliable, Individuality, Efficient and MANY more. Some of these are basic common sense and courtesy while others can develop over time as we grow. Parents and guardians have tried to instill these principles in children’s minds for centuries.

When we live by and practice these principles it helps us to be happy, healthy, brave, balanced and respectful people. These Spiritual Principles have molded and shaped many lives over the years. Whether it’s 16 A.D., 1216, 1716, or 2016, learning Patience and Tolerance has been beneficial to Kings ruling their empires and other types of leaders too. Just as a judge would show mercy to a law breaker or a criminal(if he chose to) other leaders or Kings would. Of course this didn’t apply to just Kings and Rulers. Maybe if everyone from top leaders down to a homeless person, no matter who you are or where you live, practiced these Principles and Values maybe, just maybe we can bring about peace. A quote from an awesome young man on Facebook, “It all starts with you.” 


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