Bella’s Thoughts on Growth

Written January 4, 2014(edited 2016)

“This Journey we are presently taking, has only one step. The one we are currently on. It might be as long as half a lifetime, or it might be as short as a Heart Beat. Just be totally in this step. And now the paradox…. You can only tell when you are past a step from the perspective of the next step.” ~Doug 

Something to ponder…

When we go on a journey what are we doing? We’re going from one place to another. How do we do that? We walk, drive, ride in or on some sort of vehicle. Sometimes our life is considered a journey and each event we live thru is a step on that journey. Sometimes the events are big, while some are small but everywhere we go, everything we do shapes our journey. We experience all kinds of things that bring us joy, sadness, anger, laughter and all other feelings in between. When we face all of these experiences head on, we grow. The awesome, good, the bad, the ugly and the REALLY ugly experiences have something to teach us or to guide us on the right path.

As Doug mentions, you don’t know you’ve grown or learned anything until you’re past whatever you’re going thru. I recently saw a social media post that said “When you can tell your story and it doesn’t make you cry, you know you have healed”. My 1st total life upheaval was nearly 13 years ago. There had been so many reminders and other things that made me cry for some time. I think it was about the time I was given a possible reason for it happening that I began to heal. I couldn’t do what I needed to on my own, so, my Higher Power helped me the best way He knew how.

Granted, at the time I was so hurt and so angry that He let it happen and no, I’m still not completely healed but looking back now, I have a better understanding that it’s what I needed. So instead of continuing to mope around about it because it did no good, I finally picked myself up by my bootstraps and started to live life again. Only when I look back I see the lessons learned even tho I may not have thought so at the time. This has happened from a couple other life changing events I’ve had. Tho I may look back and she’d a tear in my heart over the good memories I see the lessons I’ve learned and the growth I’ve had because of them. 


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