Music Speaks When Words Fail

Written January 4, 2017

“Where words fail, Music speaks” ~Hans Christensen Anderson

I can’t tell you how many times I hear a certain song and the words conjure up feelings from within my soul. Songs about being in love, the breakup of a relationship, life in general, or the loss of life. It makes no difference what genre you listen to – classic rock, country, R&B, 50’s, 60’s, 90’s – you name it. I guess that’s why I love music besides the drum beat that gets me tapping my foot.

There have been many times when I can express myself well and I’ll hear a particular song and those words speak for me.  It used to be just love songs and over time has expanded to other songs.

Whether you’re listening to your favorite band on tour with thousands of other fans, or you’re enjoying a ballad in your own home, earbuds in and music cranked, it’s easy to get lost in the rich tones of a singer’s voice or the instrumental parts of a song. Music can have the power to wash over your soul allowing you to escape life, even for a moment. Sometimes the intensity of the experience can cause you to momentarily forget all of your cares and concerns and just enjoy being lost in the sound. Music can provide such solace is because the lyrics are so meaningful to us. We can learn so much from the lyrics of our favourite songs

People tend to gossip and talk trash about us – in school, work, or in any other setting.  There are songs that teach us not to believe everything we hear. They also can remind us that we do not have the power to change what people but we have the power of how we act, react or respond. We also have the power to not act or respond. Music can also remind us to to be cautious, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Let your intuition be your guide.

Music can teach us about acceptance and that sometimes moving on from things we can’t change. For those times we have a hard time moving on, music can help us work thru with a little rage or a few tears. And of course when someone we love leaves us, music is there to remind us of the memories we shared with that person.

Thought for the day: As you can see, music can fit any mood. One of my favorite social media posts is “Never underestimate the power of driving and listening to very loud music”


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