Children are Seeds of our Future

January 10, 2014

“Our Children are the seeds of our Future. Whatever We Teach them is how they Will Grow. Plant Love in their Hearts, and Minds and Water them with Kindness, Patience, and Wisdom. Fertilize it with plenty of Truth, Love, Time and Sharing. Give them Space to Grow, to Drink Freely of Life, and Lifes’ Lessons, to make mistakes and to Learn from them. They in turn will learn how to teach their Children, and the Future can be a Wonderfully Bountiful Harvest for All.” ~Doug 

Something to ponder…

Children are little sponges. Have you ever noticed how quickly and easily some children pick up and copy something you do. Then they repeatedly do it until they drive you insanely crazy!!

On a slightly more serious note, it’s true what they say about children being our future. They are our future leaders, teachers, law enforcement(on all levels) artists and more. Instead of showing them humanity’s bad qualities; anger, violence, hate and fear, we need to show them our good qualities; patience, tolerance, kindness, truth, wisdom, and most importantly love. To many times I see parents vigorously spanking and yelling at their children because they’re not behaving the way the parent expects them to. I also see teens and young adults behaving worse than I did at their age.

Don’t get me wrong, I know some children can be obstinate little turds no matter what a parent does. I also understand the single parent scenario too. All to often tho, parents don’t even try to work with and teach their children. I’ve seen children in my own neighborhood who caused problems all the time and the mother hardly batted an eye about it. I remember my parents saying they wanted a better future for us, wanted us to be better than they were. No, we weren’t beaten into submission but we were swatted on the tushy a time or two. I was grounded for much of my teen years and even tho I hated it, I did eventually learn and became a better person.

Talk with your children, not to them. Engage them in activities other than video games, especially in their early years. This is when they can be the most fun and they soak up the most knowledge. If we teach them good things today I guarantee they will do great things tomorrow. 


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