Listen to the Spaces 

​Written January 12, 2014(edited 2016)

“Listen to the Spaces between the Words, between the Notes of the Symphony of the Spheres, between the Sounds of the Outer, between the beats of the Drum, between the Breath of the Singer, between the syllables of the Song, between the Heartbeats….Listen….The Gift of our Speech is born from the Gift of our Silence. Songs, and Stories, and Poems swirl in the Silence. It is in Silence that we can Hear what is truly meaningful, the Hearts of Others….in Silence, we bring forth our Dance….in Silence it is Perfected….The Silences of Earth and Sky, meet together in your Heart. Hear what they have to say. Follow where they will lead.”  ~ Doug 

Something to ponder…

In between words and notes there is silence. That same silence is present between the breaths of the singer, the syllables of the song and heartbeats. Sometimes in the silence is where we find our creativity, our thoughts and our words.

There is so much noise and chaos in this world along with 24 hour information coming at us from all directions. Is it any wonder we are cranky and irritable people who need to take vacations or even play hookie from our jobs? Rather than running away screaming from to much stimulation like this, why take time each day to unplug from it all? Enjoy a nice meal with the family, set aside time each day to meditate or just sit and enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage. I can just about guarantee that if you do this it will help you to be a better, more calm person. Perhaps it will bring out the creative you that sleeps inside us all. 


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