“Everything You Do Has an Impact…”

Written January 16, 2014(edited 2017)

“Everything you do has an impact on someone, somewhere in the World, so in effect, everything you do affects the World.. Whatever you do today, do with Love in Your Heart. Whether it is Cooking a Meal, caring for a Baby, or an Elder, serving Food in a restaurant, or fast food at a burger joint, or working on an assembly line in a factory, do it with Loving Intentions. The Love can be Felt. A part of You goes into Whatever You Do….” ~ Doug 

Something to ponder…

Have you ever wondered what would’ve if a certain person had/hadn’t come into your life? How would your life be different if a certain situation had/hadn’t taken place? Remember how that school teacher inspired you to pursue that dream career and now that now you are doing it, you passed that teacher’s inspiration on to someone else? What would’ve happened if that teacher hadn’t come into your life and inspired you? When we do things like this or even just smiling and saying hello to someone you meet in passing can potentially change that person’s life in ways we may never know or understand.

I know I’ve contemplated what I’d be doing or where I’d be if certain people and circumstances were different. I had been living a certain way for a number of years. I was living rather recklessly you could say. I pretty much only cared about me, myself and I which wasn’t very much like me at all. I had a number of people who came into my life who helped me get back on the right path. I think back to the possibilities of where I could be right now if it weren’t for them and I shutter.

One person in particular tho, sticks out in my mind. And old classmate who’d come back into my life thru some other crazy circumstances. I was having a particularly difficult day and I called her. She told me during our conversation after she helped me that I’d helped her to prevent from going down the wrong path. She’d told me that by watching what I had been doing and how I was living that I’d helped her from doing the same crazy stuff. It just goes to show me how what we do does affect others even if it’s only by watching how I’m are living my life.


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