The Truth About the World We Live In(Part 1 of 2)

Written August 5, 2016

“Everything we know about the truth is subject to revision” ~Anonymous

***A reminder to all who read my writing, I ask you do not leave any derogatory comments. If you do not like what I’ve written just politely leave the page but perhaps contemplate what you read. Find out for yourself if what I’ve written is true. There’s a lot I’ve wanted to write about as far as current events. I do my best to write as objectively and honestly as I can. I also do my best to research what I write. Like my mom used to say, “ Think before you speak” or in this case write..

I’m sitting here contemplating what to write next  and I find my mind wandering to our World today and current events that are happening right before our sleepy, naive eyes. In the Reflection on July 20th I wrote, “… I am not some Conspiracy Theorist nor am I an eternal optimist or pessimist. I like to think I’m more of a realist, a person who can look at things as they are and deal with it in a practical manner”. Do we have problems not just in our own backyards but also in the world today? Yup, we sure do.

To start with, the matriarch of our family, my last grandparent, recently passed away and I found myself not nearly as upset as I thought I’d be. I actually found myself amazed as I realized just how much of life that 95 year old woman saw. Right about the time she was born, World War I was ending and the Industrial Revolution was well under way. Infant birth and mortality rates, medicine, communication and ways to travel were beginning to improve. We were beginning to travel by trains, cars and inventing airplanes. She had seen the invention and/or advancement of electricity and indoor plumbing. She’d seen the first human to land on the moon perhaps on a tv. Tho her and grandpa never owned one, they also saw the invention of computers. They saw or knew about them going from giant machines to desktop models and to the little ones we keep in our pockets. She saw World War II,  the Vietnam War, the Korean Conflict, the Great Depression, the Great Recession, the wall in Germany taken down, and the Gulf War and even when we left that part of the World. She was even witness to true racism and feminism in America. Even the ORIGINAL meaning of political correctness. I won’t bore you today with the definitions of political correctness, racism, hatred, and discrimination.

In 1980, 24 hour news reporting was born with CNN being the leader. The station started to become more popular a decade later during the Gulf War. Thru the years filming, producing, editing and reporting the news has become much easier. Today there are more 24 hour news channels along with other networks that have something on 24/7 like Animal Planet and Turner Broadcasting System to name a couple. Today a reporter can record their segment and have it on the air, or internet, almost immediately. Next came the improvement of video recording capabilities on our cell phones and the ease of “sharing” on the internet, social media, etc. Now any J.Q. Doe can be a reporter. There’s one problem. Whether it the media or J.Q.Doe showing the videos, they don’t show the WHOLE story. They show a snippet of what J.Q.Doe recorded. Many times It’s what you and I didn’t see that is imperative and we should see that gets cut out. That snippet we didn’t see is what we need to see. They also take somebody’s words and twisted them to fit their narrative. Don’t believe me? Take one topic like the presidential election. Now, flip thru the different new programs and compare what you hear on that topic. I generally try to stay neutral on touchy stuff like this, however, I must admit there’s a program I like and it’s because he reports on the truth. Bill O’Reilly’s “No Spin Zone” on Fox news. Love him or hate him, you can’t fault him for telling the truth. So why do I go into this long spiel?

Go back to my statement on editing and J.Q.Doe recording events around them. I watch a certain news channel and have for a couple years now. On this channel or from other people I’ve heard two sides to stories. On one hand I hear, as an easy example, “The sky is blue, life is good and THAT news channel spreads lies” while I hear another side saying, “The sky is bleak and Chicken Little will be crying soon that the sky is falling. By the way, THAT news channel is lying”.

I decided I’d switch and watch one of the other channels one day. After watching a segment I changed the channel. The reason? Because I’d previously watched about what they were reporting about. I’m going to use the Chicken Little example for a simple example. Channel A, my channel, reported that the sky was cloudy and even backed it up with video footage. Channel B, C and D said that it wasn’t  cloudy as other channels reported it and they said it was Politically Incorrect to say it was cloudy because it was discriminatory towards the Sun. However at the same time they reported that there were no clouds aklnd everything was bright and sunny. They showed video that it actually was sunny – before the clouds rolled in.

Each presidential candidate and others within each party were slinging mud and lies about and to each other as they always do. With all this back and forth stuff it’s no wonder a lot of people said they were going to write in who they wanted/thought should be president on election day. There has been violence in the streets for months over very hot button topics. There’s no doubt about it, our country is deeply divided right now. So much so that no matter who was chosen to be our next Commander in Chief things would just get worse and I fear for the future. Not just my own but for all of our future generations. I know we are not the only country that has a bunch of bad stuff going on and is divided. There are others who also have to deal with hot button topics. All of us everywhere is, on some level, dealing with stuff like the state of the economy, illegal immigration, racism, oppression and discrimination over the color of skin, religion and even sexual preference to name a few. We are all dealing with corruption along with the issues of the haves vs the have-nots. Let’s not even discuss people killing people.

All of this fear, anger and hatred won’t be solved overnight. To get the process started tho, it does start with two people to sit down and talk to each other without yelling and screaming. It takes two people to actively listen to each other uninterrupted and with compassion and understanding. It takes two people to compromise. “It all starts with you”, Trent Shelton

I will close this topic by asking a question for you to ponder. If America is so racist, then how did an African-American get voted as president? Not just once but twice?


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