People Need to Feel Loved

Written February 8, 2014(edited 2016)

“People have a Primal need for Love, Play, Dance, Music, Bonding, Sharing, Family, and for Security.
Too often we have tried to replace these Instinctual needs with “things”, cars, big screen tvs. These things can never replace our Needs. We give our children video games which can never replace Family time over a board game. Sit down suppers, where children and parents can talk about their day are replaced by grabbing a bite on the run, or everyone grabs a bite at different times. Spend Time with your kids or grandkids, it is how they learn. What they learn is up to us.” ~Doug

Something to ponder…

In this day and age we are in we are rushed at work and at home. We are stressed about a multitude of things. Finances, kids, stress at work, car problems. Sometimes that stuff is just the tip of the iceberg When the stress and pressure get to be to much we tend to take it out on either the person closest to us or worse, the ones we love. We fight with others whether it’s verbal or, sometimes, physically. We say and or do things we don’t mean. Or maybe we say nothing and keep everything inside and inadvertently blow up on someone who doesn’t deserve it. We also do things like watching tv during dinner, if we even eat at the same time.
We often have our noses stuck in our cell phones while we’re eating. Kids playing video games instead of board or card games with the family. It’s not to often I see kids playing outside anymore. All of us, no matter how ugly our personality may be that day, needs to feel love. That love includes sharing and security. It can also involves music, dance and playing together with each other.

I was on vacation once down in the mountains of West Virginia. I used to have my nose stuck in my phone back then, usually on the social media sites(those who know me today, my nose is in my phone now for other reasons 😉 ). I was forewarned that I would lose my signal completely while I was there. I didn’t believe them until we were deep in the mountains.

Although at first I felt lost until I looked up from my phone and saw the beauty that my Higher Power created. I almost want to say that was the best time I had on a vacation. Well, either that or my trips to Wisconsin and seeing the bluffs He created as the Laurentide Ice Sheet retreated eons ago(reception was spotty there too).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I agree with the fact that people have a Primal need for Love, Play, Dance, Music, Bonding, Sharing, Family, and for Security. However let me be clear when I say that we don’t need someone to validate our feelings. Basically that means that you don’t need to hear, “No, you’re not crazy. It’s acceptable to feel this way or be that way.” If you are confident in and love yourself the rest will follow.

I have a challenge for everyone. I’m sure that just about all of you have a cell phone. I challenge all of you reading this to turn your phone off, not vibrate or mute. I’m talking turn that bugger off for at least an hour and check out some nature or even life itself that goes on around you. I’ll bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you miss. 


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