Rights vs Responsibilities 

Written February 9, 2014(edited 2016)

“With all the talk of “rights””, sometimes it seems that Responsibility is forgotten. We have a Responsibility to the Future Generations to come ( it is their right). It is Our Responsibility to leave them a World they can Live in (it is their right). It is Our Responsibility to leave a clean Earth, with a sustainable Culture (it is their right). Seeds that will reproduce a Nourishing Harvest (it is their right). Water that is Clean and not contaminated with filth (it is their right). Sustainable energy sources (it is their right). It is Our Responsibility to raise Our Children, and Our Grandchildren to be Seeds of the Future. So they can see their Responsibility to the Future. Look for, and choose Leaders that carry Responsibility. That hold a Vision of a Future that We can Share. A Responsibility to the Seventh Generation (it is their right).” ~Doug

Something to ponder…

There are lots of people who seem to have forgotten what Rights and Responsibilities are. Rights refer to the privileges given to you by a governing body, and are usually written into laws; Responsibilities are the obligations or duties that can either be assigned to you or assumed by you.

While looking to accurately define the two words, trying to avoid all things political(including political correctness), I found an excellent article defining these two words. Maybe clarifying them a bit is a better way to put it. I rather liked where it says, “As laws, proclamations and politically correct pressure groups rain supposed Rights on ever more narrowly defined and exclusive groups and causes, it is a sure sign that we are forgetting how the very freedoms we take for granted were preserved through the centuries; namely, by the Responsibility and Self-Sacrifice of our predecessors.

Nobody said it better, from a national perspective, than John F. Kennedy: ‘Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.’ “(from a site called Vison . org, “Rights vs Responsibilities” http:// www . vision.org/ visionmedia/ social-issues-rights-vs-responsibilities/ 4750 . aspx)

When our ancestors landed at Plymouth Rock centuries ago they came for a reason. To have freedoms that were taken away from them in their homeland. Freedoms like the ability to say what you want, when you want and the freedom to worship God, or the God(dess) of your understanding, when and where you want to.

Now, with those freedoms, or Rights, there are Responsibilities to go along with them. We are Responsible to speak to each other with respect like our Elders taught us. That goes for ANYONE we speak to. Respect is earned, not just given. It’s just like the Golden Rule says, to treat people as you would want to be treated.

We also have the Right, or freedom, to worship God or the God(dess) of our understanding however it’s our Responsibility to not force others to believe or even NOT believe. I may be a Catholic, you may be Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic or whatever. Now, we have the Right to practice our beliefs but we Responsible to not force my beliefs on each other. We also have the Responsibility to not force any of our beliefs on others in other faiths, the agnostic or the atheist.

Something that covers both of these Rights is the Right to not only be, but to also feel safe and secure. Meaning I have the Right to be safe from being attacked whether it’s verbal or physical. At the same time, it’s my Responsibility to follow the safety rules.

Finally, tho some folks might disagree with me, there are lots of people who say they have a Right to this or they’re entitled to that. This is especially true when it comes to assistance from governmental programs. Truth be told, if anyone is entitled to those things it’s the elderly and our veterans. Government assistance programs were supposed to be for temporary help until you get on your feet.

If you go back into history a few centuries and read about our Ancestors and what they went thru to get any Rights(and yes, I do mean any race, faith and religious faith). I can understand if you’re not happy with the ResponsibilitIes that go along with these Rights. Of course if you’re that unhappy with the Rights and entitlements where you’re at, there’s always other countries where people have no Rights or entitlements at all…if you catch what I’m saying… 


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