Happy Valentine’s Day

Written February 14, 2014(edited 2017)

“Communication is both ways, it is a give and receive thing. Talk to the Spirits of the Land where you are. Just tell them Thank You from time to time. Let them know that you know they are there, helping us all. They need us, as much as we need them. It is an interdependent relationship…like all are.” ~Doug 

Something to ponder…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! How ironic that Doug wrote about this subject today of all days. In our lives today, most everyone has a cell phone and knows how to text. Either that or we can use social media for the same reasons, to communicate electronically. Thank goodness that’s not how it works with our Higher Powers otherwise, for some people, there wouldn’t be any need for any of us to speak.

Since today is a day we celebrate love, in all forms, I’m going to share about that. Love and Communication. Those of us from the older generation may remember the telephone game or something similar to that. It’s where one person tells another person one thing and by the time that information goes thru a number of people that final message is totally different than the original message.

That’s kinda what happens when we are communicating with each all this electronic stuff. Everything gets mixed up and turned around. I can write something and have it mean one way and the person reading it will take it a totally different way. There’s Twitter, email, text messaging, social media messaging, and probably a lot more I don’t know about.

Today, a day dedicated to love, why not tell someone how much you love and appreciate them. I mean actually verbalize it from your heart. We don’t hear those kind of words often enough. Don’t get me wrong, chocolate and flowers are good but words and actions speak much louder.


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