You Are Not Useless

Written February 15, 2014(edited 2017)

“There are no useless human beings, we are all Here, Now, at this Time for a very important reason, everyone on this Earth has a very particular Purpose to fulfill. Sharing and Giving are the ways of the Creator. Selfishness and the me first attitude really had no place in Tribal societies.The Creator teaches the birds to make nests, yet not all nests are the same. We all have different Talents and Gifts, yet they all come from the same Source. It is up to each of us to Find what that is, and to Share our Talent, and Vision with the Future. When we use our Talents and Gifts together, we move forward Together. With one finger, you can not lift even a tiny pebble. It takes at least two fingers to lift it. Just so, we all need to work Together, to make things happen, to shake them up. The Keepers of the Ancient Future are here today in the Children. Teach and prepare them well, for they may someday be taking care of you, as Life goes full Circle.”  ~ Doug

Something to ponder…

“You’re at where you’re at for a reason.” As I was reading this today, I immediately thought of this quote. A very dear friend of mine pounded this into my head a few years ago when I was feeling rather crappy about my life. I was looking at some stuff in my life(things I’ve said, not said, done or not done) and I was very down and hard on myself. I would always think to myself, why me? Do you ever wonder why things happen, or don’t happen, in life whether in your own life or life in general?

On a personal level, I’ve become a firm believer that my Higher Power has plans for me. Sometimes I like to picture Him with a set of blueprints in front Him and they have my name on them. For a span of time I’d thought I’d made Him so angry at me that He was punishing me. After reviewing those times in my life with a dear friend of mine I realized it was quite the opposite. He was actually trying to guide me thru certain events to either open new doors of opportunities for me or to help me grow. Whether it was the loss of a job, a home, or a loved one(family or friend, even boyfriend) there was a reason. It may have been a lesson for growth, to pave the way to a new job or even to make room in my life for new loved ones who can teach me new lessons.

For example, remember that one boy/girlfriend you thought you would just die if he/she left you? If that person hadn’t left your life would your current spouse or significant other be in your life now? Can you think of some other tragedy in your life that may have changed your life? Did you learn anything or grow from it? Maybe the lesson you learned was of patience, tolerance or acceptance. Perhaps that tragedy opened a new door of opportunity for you. If none of it has happened to you yet, have patience it will. But then again maybe it has and you may not have seen it yet.

On a broader scale, to see how events in life are intertwined, take a look at the west coast of the US. There have been problems with drought and wildfires out there. Those two events are interwoven. What will happen that will affect the rest of us? Higher prices on goods due to the lack of the ability to produce many products. Without having land to plant on, water to nourish the plants, or the lack of both to feed and water livestock, the scales of demand vs supply are tipped over.

There’s always an effect to every cause and consequences for every action good or bad. The key to it is will you react or respond to events that happen. If so, will you be positive or negative? Will you be proactive for good changes or not? Our futures are in our own hands and our Higher Power does truly want good things for us. He does not punish us but merely guides us to make or do good things in life.


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