Bella’s Thoughts on Cooperation 

Written February 18, 2014(edited 2017)

“Our world today is need of “we” consciousness, to replace the “me” consciousness that seems to have been dominant for the past few centuries. “We” consciousness is the way of sharing, giving, and Life. “Me” consciousness is the way of alienation, greed, and a sick and hurting Planet. “Me” is a straight line, “we” is a Circle. “Me” is to hell with all but me and mine, “we” is I Love You. We can Transform this World!!!!” ~ Doug 

Something to ponder…

Ever notice how often you hear other people saying that they’ll something for you but only if you do something else for them? Perhaps you’ve said it yourself. Most of us I’m sure have heard the old adage “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’ “. I was taught this some time ago. I was also taught the phrase, “What one person can’t do alone, we can do together”. The truth is that sure we can do a lot of things on our own but lots of times it makes it easier if someone helps you.

In my life, I began to depend on me, myself and I. Often I’d call on someone to help but I must not have called on the right people because I didn’t get any help. Later on, after I had a bit of trouble in my life, I made some new friends, many of whom I call my family. These people have helped me out in so many ways. They’ve taught me to be more selfless again, they’ve been there for me to celebrate my joys and sorrows along with helping me to love myself again even when I didn’t want to.

We all have those days when we feel like we’ve helped everyone and got nothing but pooped on in the end. I know I do. I just what to say “To hell with helping anyone anymore “. The thing is that it’s true when they say “You put good out, you get good in return”. Sometimes it’s not the good we expect to get. Sometimes that “good in return” is knowing you were there to be able to help someone. And sometimes it’s those little things that rekindle our passion to help another person. Today I hope that maybe this Reflection helps to rekindle that spark to help someone. Besides, “If you’re helping someone and expecting something in return, you’re doing business not kindness.”

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