These Are Exciting Times

Written February 20, 2014(edited 2017)

“I know all will be well. I know the old paradigm is crumbling and the new paradigm is coming into view. As I Fly around this World, with all the pain and suffering going on, riots and revolutions, here, and there, throwing off the old…..Yes something big is happening….giving Birth is a hard and painful process, both on a personal and global level. On a personal level, gaining new insights and Truths into ourselves can be downright painful and devastating, before the new You crawls out, the old “you” goes thru a lot of discoveries. Same with Humankind….all the turmoil and suffering, pain, the ideological “fights”, those trying to limit and control our rights, their fear of losing power are all a part of the process…yes I believe Mother is giving Birth….to a new type of Human, with a new paradigm, a new set of Values. We are Alive at an exciting Time…We are here at this Time to Help the Birthing…”  ~Doug

Something to ponder…

Yes, we are alive at an exciting time. We are watching history unfold before our very eyes. Think about it, if you will. The presidential election for 2016 broke all of the molds. Not only were some of the candidates not your traditional politicians but the news media and the polls who predict what’s going to happen to each candidate had been wrong, especially in the end.

Over the years many people of all ages have stopped voting for various reasons. Two reasons are that they’re disappointed because the candidate they want to win doesn’t win. The other is that sometimes candidates who run uncontested(no one runs against them) can do so for long periods of time. The only problem is that over time to many corrupt leaders have ended up being voted into offices. This makes no difference if you live in Small Town or Big City America.

Today in the U.S., the elections are done over for another cycle and the candidates have been chosen. No matter which of the two major political parties one is affiliated with, people are still angry with the results. Whether you like them or hate them we can all agree on one thing. The candidates definitely shook up the old paradigm of politics as usual. At the very least those candidates got more people involved in the voting process. News outlets reported record amounts of people watching the debates. Plus people came out in droves for the rallies and countless people are had either registered to vote, or actually voted for the first time ever or for the first time in a very long time.

Now that America has spoken, our 45th president has been chosen and started working on day 1, we as a country need to begin healing. The 2016 campaign season was the most divisive that I can remember in my lifetime. We have half of the country that’s happy with the outcome and the other half that’s not – and it still shows. But haven’t we been divided for some time before this election even began? Perhaps even before former president Obama was elected?

What will it take for us as a country to heal? First thing we need to do is to practice a couple of Spiritual Principles like acceptance, hope, tolerance, empathy, and forgiveness to name a few. Accept that one candidate won and the other didn’t. Accept the 45th President has been chosen. Accept and tolerate him – flaws and all. Hope he will be good for the many and not his donors or the elite. Empathy for those who didn’t vote for him and are upset still. Don’t coddle those people but do talk without talking or yelling over each other. Listen to each other’s concerns and come up with solutions.

Yes we are living in an exciting time. To watch history be made and to make it all at the same time is exciting.

Thought for the day: Dr Martin Luther King Jr once said, “ ‘We have before us the glorious opportunity to inject a new dimension of love into the veins of our civilization’. Imagine, Freedom and Justice through Love. Not through violence; not through hate; no, not even through boycotts, but through love.  It is true that as we struggle for freedom in America we will have to boycott at times. But we must remember as we boycott that a boycott is not an end within itself; it is merely a means to awaken a sense of shame within the  oppressor and challenge his false sense of superiority. But the end is reconciliation; the end is redemption; the end is the creation of the beloved community.”(from an online blog post).


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