The Love of Music

Written February 24, 2014(edited 2017)

“Right now, this very Moment, all around the World, there are People who are Singing. Someone is Singing in the shower, or on stage, or in their car, or walking down the street, in the Rain….Music connects us All to each Other, and to All Creation. Our voices were the very first instruments….in Chants and Songs. You don’t have to have a professional voice to enjoy the Power of Song. Just Sing. Anytime. Deeply. Singing is more than what bursts forth from your vocal Chords.” ~ Doug

Something to ponder…

Have you ever noticed when it rains there’s a hint of a rhythm or beat to it? You can notice this similar rhythm if you listen to water flowing in a waterfall and even waves coming up on the shore at almost any body of water. And sometimes you can even hear multiple melodies from birds combining together to make a harmony. “Music is the art and science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds or tones in varying melody, harmony, and rhythm so as to form structurally complete and emotionally expressive compositions. It is also any rhythmic sequence of pleasing sounds, as of birds, water, etc.”(from Your Dictionary online Dictionary).

Who knows when or how humans began to appreciate music. Probably when the sounds of birds became pleasing to us. When we first created music we used what we found in nature. Hollowed out tree logs, conch shells, tanned animal hides stretched over some sort of frame, anything that created a pleasing sound along with our voices of course. Over the millennia we used a wider variety of materials to produce sounds, and eventually a wide variety of genres, or types, of music.

I’ll never forget my old high school music teacher describing one type of material that was used was cat gut(perhaps other musicians will understand this reference/joke and which instrument he referred to). Music, just like art, is in the eye, um rather the ear, of the beholder. Just as each of us may not like a particular art style or piece, each of us may not like different types of music. Keep in mind tho that just because we differ on our tastes of music doesn’t mean we should argue and fight with each other.

Along with the variety of genres there is a variety of, shall we say, feelings behind the music. We make music because we’re grateful, happy, angry or we “have the blues”. Most of the time there is a story told in the music or behind the music. The easiest stories are probably best found in country and blues music.

I guess I started appreciating music at a very young age. My mom would put on music every weekend when she cleaned the house. Granted it was music from her era and not mine, but I still enjoyed the music that she played. All throughout my high school career I took music classes whether it was chorus or band classes,  I was always playing some sort of music. I even took fundamentals in music classes. A rather boring class but very informative at the same time.

I love playing music when I’m cleaning the house and driving. My voice over the years has changed considerably. Today, instead of singing with a group of people I sing alone. My ego tells me I sing better by myself in the the car, even tho I miss not only a lot of the notes, and A LOT of the words. There is so much more that I could talk about on this topic but I’ll let you go out to explore and experience it yourself.

A Few Facts About Music(from Your Dictionary online Dictionary);

Music may help you think better, analyze matters faster, and work more efficiently.

Studies have shown that music triggers notable improvements in a student’s academic skills when they listen to certain types of music while they are studying.

Music stimulates the areas of the brain that are responsible for your thinking, planning, and analyzing, thereby improving your organizational skills and making you more capable of handling challenging math problems.

Music with stronger beats causes brain waves to resonate in such a way that is in sync with the music. This brings about higher levels of alertness and concentration.

Music can cause an increase in serotonin levels thereby creating positive effects on the brain cells that control memory power, learning, mood, sleep functions, body temperature regulation mechanisms, sexual desires, and other processes.

Modern and alternative treatments have began to embrace music’s effects by making use of music therapy to treat depression, ADD, seizures, premature infancy and insomnia.

Music can stay in your head long after hearing it. Called an “earworm,” this is caused by a stimulation of the brain’s auditory cortex that fills in parts of a song that you have heard before and “plays” the song in your brain.


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