A Few Thoughts for JQ Citizen

Written February 23, 2017

After watching and reading the news, including fake news, I am still perplexed by the actions and reactions of my fellow citizens. These are some of the thoughts and questions I find myself asking.

1) Protesting the election results saying that President Trump is “Not My President “ or calling him all of the “-ist” names in the dictionary because you believe he doesn’t like any minority.  If that were true, why does he have women, African American and others cabinet members? “But he’s said all these racist comments on the campaign trail.” Did he really, or did you hear his first comment on illegal immigrants coming across our southern border and pick out only what you wanted to hear? Yes he said they are sending over baffled people – criminals and racists. He also said, “I’m sure many of them are good people.”

2) If President Trump is so racist, why did he visit the African-American History Museum. And if he is anti semitic why did he strongly condemn the recent bomb threats against Jewish community centers across the country. If he’s playing right out of Hitler’s play book, would he really do such a thing? Wouldn’t you also think that if he’s such an anti semite then why did he throw a kosher wedding for his daughter who converted to Judaism? Besides, he has his Jewish son-in-law serving as a senior adviser in the Trump administration.

3) About Athletes, Musicians and Hollywood going overboard and overstepping their bounds by telling the American people who to vote for. People watch or listen to you for entertainment purposes. You wouldn’t appreciate it much if JQ Citizen told you how to perform would they?  

4) We live in a Constitutional Democratic Republic which is a type of government based on the principles of the Constitution that was written. Officials are elected by the people and their are electoral college officials who represent the people in the legislative and governing processes. Yes, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but President Trump won the electoral college vote that was set forth back when the Constitution was first written a couple hundred years ago. If it’s so unfair then, why has it not changed after all these years?

5) Violent protesting is never any good. All you do is invalidate your cause and anger law abiding people who live and work in those communities. It also causes people to support President Trump even more. Besides, a former president in his 1995 inaugural address said this in regards to this point and the previous one on immigration,  “We are a nation of immigrants. But we are also a nation of laws”.

6) Speaking of that, why is there protesting about the temporary immigration pause? It is NOT a racist or religious ban. Aren’t these the same countries that former President Obama chose when he instituted a travel ban for 120 days? Where was the protesting then? ISIS has said they were going infiltrate the refugee program and they have in Europe. Would you let just anyone in your home? When you go out do you leave your home unlocked? Again, I encourage you to read my post called “It’s a Dangerous World” on that topic.

7) All these sanctuary cities, college campuses and restaurants. Do you realize that by creating a sanctuary whatever, you are actually condoning violence in your communities? By protecting the illegal immigrant who is a criminal you are doing just that. President Trump is 1) enforcing the laws that were created before he even ran for office, 2) deporting the criminals and 3) not going to activate the National Guard to go around breaking up families. If someone who’s here illegally is harboring a criminal illegal immigrant both of them are deported. Bottom line if you’re here illegally and you break the law you get deported. If you were to illegally trespass on someone’s property, would you expect to be arrested or be allowed to freely continue being on that property? Even tho there are laws on the books to act on deporting anyone who’s here illegally, President Trump is not the cold hearted, racist bastard you make him out to be.

8) Protesting all the time over every little thing. It’s getting rather old. I once heard a talk radio host say, “You can’t protest everything and still expect people to believe you have a cause” Along with that, when protesters have mixed messages, chaos and confusion is created. Case in point, the women’s march the day of the inauguration. There were pro choice, immigration, racial equality, “Not my president” and heaven only knows what other kind of protest messages going on.

9) Many millennials are caught up in this protesting because they, and other adults, are sheeples. They follow the crowds blindly because of peer pressure and fear of being bullied if they don’t follow the crowds. Instead of constantly protesting, name calling and shouting down your opposition why not rationally discuss solutions instead? You, the millennial generation are going to be running this country in a few short years. Is this how you plan to run the country? By protesting, name calling and shouting others down? Now that’s not a democracy, that’s more of an oligarchy.

10) One of the American dreams for immigrants is to come here, work hard and achieve their goals and dreams, not to be a drain on our economy. The epitome of this is an immigrant woman who came to the US via legal channels, worked and became the first lady. She and her daughter embody the very basic vision of what the feminist movement is about. They are accomplished women in both career and family. Just because you don’t like the democratically elected president does that really mean you have to take it out on and disrespect these ladies? Just because you think President Trump is bad, does that mean his whole family is?

11) President Trump recently had a rally in Florida. The First Lady opened up the rally with the Lord’s Prayer. While I can appreciate social media lighting up with comments about Melania reading it from a piece of paper and the whole separation of church and state issue, I ask you this, would you be able to get up in front of a crowd of thousands of people and say the Lord’s Prayer flawlessly? Are you that perfect? I know I’m not. And do you know what the phrase “Separation of church and state” means? Allow me to shed a light by quoting from Dictionary.com(Wikipedia was to long winded).

  • Separation of Church and State Definition, “The principle that government must maintain an attitude of neutrality toward religion. Many view separation of church and state as required by the First Amendment. The First Amendment not only allows citizens the freedom to practice any religion of their choice, but also prevents the government from officially recognizing or favoring any religion.”

Thought for the day: There’s so much talk about fear mongering and fake news. Could it be that both sides of the political aisle?  Let’s clean up our yards on our own sides of the fence and get our heads out of the sand before we point fingers at each other.


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