Words Matter (Part 2)

Written February 16, 2014(edited 2017)

“We must each of us take care with Our Words. Our Words carry Our Breath, and Our Intent. Words do have a Power… ” ~Doug

I wrote on this topic the other day,  February 16th to be exact. I received some unexpected feedback from a reader. Our conversation is below…

Our back and forth exchange …

Woman: “Bless u. Some of us had so much negativity imposed upon our baby brains.. The wounds are too deep to heal. Silver linings and positive thought is good. Yet, millions live in lonely isolation. Disabled.. Elderly.. Poor folks.. Telling those to just be positive diminishes their journey. But I still love every word. Bless  you. We need boots on ground helping folks and less facebook. Of I were not one of the disabled elderly housebound.. I don’t be out there feeding the homeless.”

Me: “Yes, as I get older I see how many elderly and disabled people are isolated. I also agree we need more boots on the ground and fewer platitudes on social media. There is one thing I disagree with, and it’s that if we don’t counter those thoughts of self doubt with positive thoughts that we are good people, then we perish. I do home care for an older disabled person and if I don’t get her to smile at least once during my shift then I haven’t done my job very well.”

Woman: “Bless your heart. We do live in a culture that doesn’t even allow those of us living like this to explain our experience… I’m just appreciative I can just say my thoughts without someone insisting I be positive 24/7. All that keeps me positive is the realization that millions have it worse. With this election and cuts, most of the disabled will die. I’m ready.. Creators world is better than this one. I’m not down nor angry. Resignation. Accepted I’ve a terminal illness. It’s reality not negativity. Bless you dear. Your words help so much. Much love”

Me, “Thank you Lillian for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Tho I’m sure you live to far for me to be able to give you a hand (I’m a personal caregiver), I send you a cyber (((HUG))) and much love.  You have inspired me to do more.”

Woman: “Oh sister you do so much. I just want to see others not so left out. I’m used to it. But I feel closer to Creator than ever so…..its all worth it. My spirits soars as I begin to leave this veil of illusion…Maybe cause we cared much… It weighs on our souls seeing how not enough folks give a hoot. So we fight on. I wobble so often now that I am dying. However.. I’ve asked Great Spirit to help me love everyone even those who harm others. To be able to pray for them.. Would be nice. We empathetic hurt when we see others hurt.. And we wonder why the world does even consider what is obvious to us. Bless u dear”

Me, “You remind me of my client I have.  Spirits that are to strong for the body. I know people come and go from our lives for a reason. Both you and my client have reminded me of my own thoughts and feelings that I covered with fear and anger, not to mention the fact I try to to control things in my own life.”

Yes, there are millions of people living in isolation.  Their isolation may be because of physical limitations or it’s self imposed (they choose to be alone for countless reasons). While a gratitude list or positive platitudes may not necessarily help folks like this, they can at least keep the negative thoughts from eating us away even more. Yes, we definitely need more boots on the ground to help folks like this. Social media can’t give a compassionate hug, a kind word or a warm smile but a human can. Giving a shout out to that reader who reminded me how important it is to have human contact. I am grateful that you reminded me of the importance of human contact. I send blessings to you and a cyber (((HUG))).

Thought for the day: All humans need compassion and love. All of our fancy electronics has made it easy for us to avoid human contact and interaction.  Let’s turn off and/or away from our devices, even for a little bit, and talk on the phone, handwrite a note, or have a cup of coffee and a chat with someone today.


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