Yes, You Are A Creative Genius

Written February 28, 2014(edited 2017)

“Your Life is your Artwork, be Creative. There is no right way for your Art, or Life to look and be. Create from a place of Harmony with Life. Take a few moments to Use your Imagination to Create the Day that you want Today. Then step into that Day.” ~ Doug

Something to ponder…

I’m going to go in a slightly different direction today so, as usual, please bear with me.

Many times, when we’re young, our parents have ideas and almost like blueprint plans as to what we will be when we grow up. Some parents even enrolled us into sports, dance classes, or instrument classes without our permission. I’ve heard them give reasons like it’s good for their character, it builds confidence, or, what makes me cringe,  “He/she needs to learn structure plus he/she will learn to like and appreciate it(the activity)”. Huh? Structure? LEARN to appreciate?? I can understand building character and confidence but here’s the thing, Is forcing, whether it’s gentle, persuasive coercion or demanding, really helping to build confidence? Will they really learn to appreciate or even like it?

I learned a very long time ago that for children to achieve all these qualities they need to be allowed to be themselves no matter what age. Most of these qualities can be learned and developed during play and choosing to do extracurricular activities. There are all kinds of educational games, videos and even tv shows that can help with different subjects to teach young minds. By playing fun, educational games they can learn to be themselves, make decisions on their own and learn to be good at sports when they win or lose. Structure can be learned by following the rules of games. They can even learn to be leaders instead of followers which in turn builds confidence.

Over the years I’ve heard friends complain that all it did for them was make them hate the “chosen” activity. I had the privilege of watching a young boy grow to be a young man not so long ago. His parents were divorced and over the years I’d ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He started off by changing his mind every other week for a while like kids always do. One day he told me his mom said he was going to do a particular career she chose for him. When I asked him if that’s what HE wanted to do he said, “No, mom wants me to do it.”

I’ve noticed that children who are made to follow their parents goals and dreams grow up either rebellious and do the opposite of everything they’re told or they grow up followers and not leaders because their choices and futures were dictated to them. When children grow up with freewill, they can utilize the creativity they were born with and still get the structure they need from doing chores around the house and by following the typical household rules.

Thought for the day: Provide the right guidance for children and they will find their niche, or purpose, in life. To much structure will only cause rebellion and breed resentment.


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