Believe in Your Dream

Written March 1, 2014(edited 2017)

“Today, believe in Your Dream, your Vision of You. Don’t let anything move you from your Path. You have important things to do, things that only You can do. We are All here to fullfill a task that only we Each can do. We are All here for a Purpose, we Each have a piece of the Whole. By Working together, we Build a Future for Our Childrens Children, the Ancestors yet un-born. One Heart, One Mind, One World for those who will follow Us.”  ~Doug 

Something to ponder…

Almost everyone has dreams of being somebody as they grow up and graduate from high school or college. Dreams like being a teacher, nurse, firemen, artists of any kind and so on. I too had those same dreams. I can vividly remember playing “school” with my sister. She would be the student and I was the teacher.

However, circumstances as they were, whether or not I had control over them, I ended up not  following thru with those dreams. After bad choices, wrong turns and zigging when I should’ve been zagging, I woke up one morning and asked myself what I was doing. How did I get to this point in my life? And then the one question that’d dogging me since someone else asked me… Who am I? Who is the real, true, AUTHENTIC me?

After a bit of soul searching, reviewing my life, a bit of gardening, road trips, and house cleaning, I found a few answers. One thing I realized was that for a while I was living dreams and being successful thru another person. No, I didn’t want to do this person’s job or anything, but I cheered, supported, and encouraged this person to succeed and excel in life while ignoring my dreams. Despite that, even at my age, I still have time in my life to dream and follow thru to achieve a positive result. Currently have dreams of finding the authentic me, to travel, get a job that’s meaningful to me and to enjoy life. Enough with drama, chaos and negative people. Time to enjoy life and live the life I’ve dreamed about living.

Thought for the day…The old saying is true, “Life is short, follow your passion”


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