Fascism in America?

Written March 6, 2017

There have been many people that have been screaming that President Trump, his cabinet, his supporters and others are fascists, he’s a dictator like Hitler and we’re headed down the road of fascism, communism, and nazism. Hearing all these claims have disturbed me to my core. After a bit of history class and vocabulary refreshing, I thought I’d remind(or even teach) people what I’ve learned in school and the years since.

Before I go much further, let’s define fascism. Fascism is a political philosophy characterized by authoritarian views and a strong central government.  There is no tolerance for opposing opinions. Under fascist rule, the emphasis is on the group, or the nation, with few individual rights. You must support the ruling party’s views on society, politics, and culture…or else(Authoritarian – favors complete obedience or subjection to authority as opposed to individual freedom).

Let’s highlight a part of that definition.  “…authoritarian views and a strong central government…No tolerance for opposing opinions and support the ruling party’s views – or else.” I’ve been watching the news about the presidential campaign, the election and the weeks and months since the election has been over. I have to say that all this protesting,  in all its forms, has gotten out of hand and a little old. Taking a step back and looking at it, it’s the protesters who are the fascists.

Let’s look at who some of these these protesters are. Democratic leaders, Hollywood actors, musicians and athletes along with (possibly)paid violent people who shout others down. To be fair, President Trump had some pretty hard line views during his campaign and he has since wavered from some of his original views. Why did he do this? He listened to the people, people like you and me, and has been open to new views. Remember, a fascist shouts people down and considers opposing views invalid. A Nationalist, however, is someone who loves and defends their country and is willing to sacrifice anything for it.

If anyone watched the entire Congressional Speech on February 28th, like I did, you noticed many lies when you watched the mainstream media after that. Examples of what was said was stuff like President Trump used the navy seal widow as a pawn, that he spent a big portion of the speech telling the country what murdering viscous criminal illegals are, that he relished saying radical Islamic terrorism, that he was sticking it to Islam, and that he doesn’t know what the budget is about. Basically he was reported to have been saying one hateful thing after another. However, if you watched his speech, you would’ve noticed he was inclusive, he did not attack the media and that he was reaching out asking opposition to work with him.

At the same time, no matter what he said about anything, good or bad, very few if any of the Democrats participated in the standing ovations let alone clapped. Some were seen rolling their eyes and waving their thumbs down. Unfortunately the opposition has decided to put policy and party above the safety of not only their constituents but all of American citizens.

I’ve seen all kinds of protests, posts on social media and news reports about all this political “stuff”. Sporting events, music venues and even award programs turn from leisurely events into political soap boxes. During the campaign rallies and since the election, they were the people who’ve shouted down and even physically fought with President Trump’s supporters and have even shut down rallies because they exercised their Freedom of Speech.  I have, as others probably have too, come to the conclusion that the fascism does not exist within the new administration but among the protesters.

Remember,  “authoritarian views and a strong central government…no tolerance for opposing opinions…few individual rights…support the…views…or else”. There have been to many times I’ve heard or watched videos where free speech is shouted and shut down by others expressing their freedom of speech. The very definition of fascism. Look, it’s only human to have differences with each other, but if we are to bring about change we need to reel our emotions in a bit so we can come up with solutions. We are only making the lines of division in our country worse.

Thankfully I have only 2 people, that I know of, who vehemently disagree with me. One of them doesn’t speak to me and the other has blocked me on social media.  They are not like a couple of other friends who disagree with me. Tho we disagree on political matters and our discussions get heated, we don’t shout each other down. We respectfully listen to each other about today’s issues.

Thought for today: I’d like everyone who is opposed to President Trump to step back and take a look at why he won the election. If I’m afraid you are going to bully me, beat me up or shout me down, am I going to tell you truthfully who I’m voting for? The answer is probably not.

One final thought…I recently read an article about a recent protest at Middlebury College. I encourage others to read it and see where it can be applicable in your life. It was written by Mr. Parini, a professor of English, and Mr. Callanan, a professor of political science. It’s called “Middlebury’s Statement of Principle Learning” is possible only where free, reasoned and civil speech is respected.
Posted By Ruth King on March 7th, 2017

On Thursday March 2, 2017, roughly 100 of their 2,500 students prevented a controversial visiting speaker, Charles Murray, from communicating with his audience on the campus of Middlebury College.



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