Faith in Humanity

Written March 7, 2017

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty” ~Mahatma Gandhi

As you may have read the last few months I’ve been doing this, I have been going thru some “stuff” lately. Romance, finance, some death and, most recently, health problems. As much as I’ve wanted, needed and asked for help I haven’t seem to have gotten much help with any of these things. I’d even begun to lose faith in humanity until the other night. An experience that has been by far the most humbling event I think I’ve experienced.

To begin with, ever since I’ve had a debit card from my bank, I don’t often have more than $20 cash in my purse. This particular night I had $15 but even tho I’d just got paid earlier that day. On my way home the night, I’d stopped at the pharmacy and used my card. The pharmacy technician who worked at the drive thru window told me she’d put my card in the bag. No problem, right? Wrong.

The next night I had to get a couple things at the grocery store. Just enough to hold me for a couple days when I was going to get everything I needed. When the cashier told me the total I’d looked for my bank card. It wasn’t there. Mind you, it was a very small purse so it wouldn’t have gone far. I checked again. Nothing. I searched my jacket pockets. Nothing. I began to panic. Then, seeing the 2 people behind me, I told the cashier that I’d have to just get the couple things I really needed to make the total under $15.

Just then, the gentleman behind me said he’d pay for it. I expressed my gratitude and told him he didn’t have to do that. He said he insisted. I fought back tears of gratitude.  I then thanked him profusely while he told me not to worry about it. I kicked myself the rest of the night for all those times I needed help, found none then mumbled and grumbled because I felt like I helped the world but no one came to my rescue when I needed it.

I’ve always heard when you put good energy out in the world, you get it back. And this is true. The only problem is that we may overlook the good that comes back to us. The good that comes back to us may not be what we want but it’s what we need at that time. Maybe we are going thru a rough patch in our life and when we could really use money someone gives us words of encouragement instead. What we don’t realize is the encouragement to make it thru that time gives us the strength we need or they are what we need to help us change our lives for the better.  

Thought for the day: When we put good energy out into the world, we do truly get good back. Sometimes it’s all a matter of looking for it.


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