Feel the Love

Written March 12, 2014(edited 2017

“Where ever you are today, whatever you are doing, may you take a moment and Feel the Love that is in the World, take it Inside you, Smell it, Hear it, Taste it, and send it back out doubled. Love as if your Life depends on it. The quality of it does. Love is a Verb…. “ ~ Doug

Something to ponder…

I was taught some time ago that if I was having a bad day, when it seems like everything I touched turned to crap, to start a gratitude list. Start with even the smallest thing and build from there.

I did have a day like that just over a year ago, where I just wanted to go out the door, run away and never look back. A little voice in my head told me to stop, sit down, and build a list. I had to start with the smallest, simplest thing and I went from there. I eventually found myself more at peace with my situation. Then shortly after doing the list I got some very good news. This made my troubles at that time go away and for that I was humbly grateful.

We don’t necessarily have to do a gratitude list only when things are going tough. We can be grateful for anything at any time. Just look around you. You can be grateful for the warm sun and the rain that helps your garden grow, your loving family and friends, or even just waking up in the morning. When we feel gratitude in our hearts we feel love in our hearts. When we feel love in our hearts we can share that love with others and in turn that love comes back to us. Feeling, sharing and spreading love is a big circle. It’s a circle of goodness that can and should be shared with everyone.


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About Bella’s Thoughts. This is a project that I began in my mind a number of years ago when I began reading some daily meditations. I had my own thoughts on many occasions and attempted to journal many times without success. It began to take shape when I took on another project for a Spiritual Advisor and dear friend who past away. To learn more about me read my very first blog post. For more daily reflections go to... https://www.facebook.com/Stephanies-Sweetgrass-and-Dancin-1414954615472943/

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