Contact with a Higher Power

Written March 20, 2014(2017)

“When you Pray with the Sacred Pipe, you Pray with and for everything in Creation. When you load your mixture with Your Prayers, you are loading All the Powers of the Universe into the Bowl, a Circle, where you are at the Center of the Universe, surrounded by by it. When you light the Pipe, the Universe is consuming You. When you draw on it, and the Smoke Travels thru the Stem, you are taking the Universe into You, . When you exhale, you are sending your Thoughts, Emotions, Intentions, Words, and Prayers into the Universe.” ~Doug

Something to ponder…

Every religion has their tools they use to pray with. There are rosary and prayer beads, books similar, to the Bible, and many more. When we use these tools we have faith and believe that our Higher Power is with us as we utilize them to carry our prayers. Each tool we use has special a meaning for it. For some, each individual piece plays a role in carrying our prayers to Him.

I’ve been blessed and honored to be in a number of pipe circles these last couple of years on my Red Path journey. Every time I sat and smoked I understood and felt more of Creators energy and love. Although I’m not as knowledgeable about it as I could potentially be, I understand it more each time I join in the circle.

In reading this entry by Doug I understand it even more. If I was taught this the first time or two I smoked I don’t remember because I was nervous and caught up in the excitement of being in the Circle for the first time. After that I could feel His loving energy around me. I remember thinking to myself how I didn’t want to screw up and do something disrespectful. Apparently, from what I was taught, about the only disrespectful thing I could do was to either drop the pipe or talk, worse yet, giggle during the ceremony.

The main thing I needed to do was to focus on my intent and to feel Creators love in, for, and around me. Something that should be done whenever we use our tools for praying to our Higher Power. Feel His presence and love for us inside, outside, and around us. Then connect with Him and send our prayers to and with Him. It’s as simple as that.

There are times in our lives when we go need thru storms, some of those storms can get pretty bad. We may choose to turn our backs to our Higher Power thinking He’s abandoned us in our greatest time of need, or worse, the He never existed in the first place. We must not do this. We need to continue to believe in Him because He is always there giving us what we NEED, and He gives us WHAT we need and WHEN He feels the time is right. Sometimes when we’re going thru these storms it’s helpful to have some sort of tangible item to hold. Some people grab bibles and crucifixes while others might grab their sage and crystals.

I have a little bag of trinkets and stuff myself. Some call it a simple bag of stuff and others call it a Medicine Bag. I call it this because when I’m having one of THOSE kind of days I have something tangible to connect me with my Higher Power. When I squeeze it as I’m praying for the strength to get thru what’s going on I can feel His love and support wrap around me like a big hug. It’s the best medicine any doctor can order.


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