We Are All Born Good

Written March 17, 2014(edited 2017)

“Everyone was born Good, Lovable, Loving, Intelligent, Beautiful, Special, and Wonderful. And that’s who you really are.” ~ Doug

Something to ponder…

I was taught this many years ago in Sunday school class, that we are all born good until satan came along and perverted our minds and hearts. This was why we’d get baptized as young as babies in an effort to ward off satan and protect our souls. How true all of this is is up for discussion, sometimes heated ones at that, among all people of race and creed. Just like politics, religion is not an issue I discuss because there are many different views on the subject and each one has their good and bad points.

One thing I do know is this, humans have and can make MANY choices throughout their lives on this planet. There are as many choices as there are stars in the sky. Tho we may be born good it’s our choices we make that ultimately shape our outcomes in life. Whether we have fruit or cereal for breakfast, walking away from or engaging in a fight, buying an item with our own money or stealing the item, we can choose to be good or bad, right or wrong. I remember as a child saying I wanted to grow up and be a nurse or a teacher, but, the choices I made took me down a different path.

Even tho my choices took me down a different path than I had planned, I was still able to turn myself around. I don’t regret going down that path either because it did open my eyes to different people and ways of thinking that I might not normally have encountered. I used to beat myself up over things I’d done but I’ve come away from doing that. It serves no real purpose except to beat me 6 feet under. I came away from that journey with a new understanding and a different perspective.

Just watch a toddler for a while and you can see the innocence and goodness he or she has inside them. As a society we can blame everyone and everything for what goes wrong in this world but when it comes right down to it, our choices determine whether a human stays good or bad. In the end tho, when it comes down to it, even underneath all the bad, we all are “Good, Lovable, Loving, Intelligent, Beautiful, Special, and Wonderful” human beings worthy and deserving of love.

I encourage anyone who may be feeling they’ve taken a wrong turn or are on the wrong path altogether to follow a couple suggestions I was given. The first one is to put down the bat and pick up the feather, because you can’t hurt yourself when you use a feather as opposed to a bat. Also, it’s very important to remember, “You’re at where you’re at for a reason”. Start by remembering these 2 things and you’ll get back on track in no time.


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