Rights and Responsibilities(Part 1)

Written March 15, 2017

***When I started writing this I couldn’t stop. As I was proofreading, I found I couldn’t cut anything out because it is all important. Because of the length, I decided to break this up in 3 parts. We need to talk about to get this country back on track. Let’s look inward at what we do or say and work towards a solution

My Spiritual Mentor, Doug, wrote a lot about Rights vs Responsibilities, things that have clearly gone by the wayside in recent years. Here are excerpts from those entries.

✔Part 1

“Always strive to show the way to Our Children. They truly need positive role models in today’s World, with all the mind numbing diversions to Reality. Teach them what is Important in Life, so they grow up strong and true. Teach them Respect….for others, their Elders and themselves…Responsibility, for their actions…that all of our “rights” ride on the back of Responsibility. Teach them to have a Reverence and Awe for our World, and ALL of Creation. Teach them by Example.

“We would have no Rights or Freedom without Responsibilities.

“There is no such thing as Rights without Responsibilities. For every Right, there are at least 3 or 4 Responsibilities. Usually those screaming the loudest about their rights, totally and purposely ignore their responsibilities. With all the talk of ‘rights’”, sometimes it seems that Responsibility is forgotten. We have a Responsibility to the Future Generations to come. It is Our Responsibility to leave them a World they can Live in…with a sustainable Culture; seeds that will reproduce a Nourishing Harvest, water that is Clean and not contaminated with filth, sustainable energy sources. It is Our Responsibility to raise Our Children, and Our Grandchildren to be Seeds of the Future. So they can see their Responsibility to the Future. Look for, and choose Leaders that carry Responsibility. That hold a Vision of a Future that We can Share.

“I know all will be well…the old paradigm is crumbling and the new paradigm is coming into view…with all the pain and suffering going on, riots and revolutions, here, and there…Yes something big is happening…gaining new insights and Truths can be downright painful and devastating…all the turmoil and suffering, pain, the ideological “fights”, those trying to limit and control our rights, their fear of losing power are all a part of the process…[a new time is beginning to]…a new type of Human, with a new paradigm, a new set of Values. We are Alive at an exciting Time…”

Something to ponder…

Doug writes, “Teach them that all of our ‘Rights’ ride on the back of Responsibility. We would have no Rights or Freedom without Responsibilities.” That’s worth saying again, “…our ‘Rights’ ride on the back of Responsibility…no Rights or Freedoms without Responsibilities” When our Founding Fathers fought, died for and created this country, they never thought we’d have the stuff we see today.

Sigh…ok…(rolling up my sleeves). We all know what time it is, and this time it’s a doozy. Rights, Responsibilities and while we’re at it how about Entitlements.

Right is something that a person is or should be morally or legally allowed to have, get, or do.

A Responsibility is something that one is required to do as part of a job, role, or legal obligation.

An Entitlement is the right to a particular privilege or benefit, granted by law or custom. These words often get blurred. Your entitlement program at work might offer various benefits, or you might receive a medical entitlement once you reach a certain age. These are just basic things you get. More recently, entitlement has taken on a critical sense. If someone has a sense of entitlement, that means the person believes he deserves certain privileges. The term “culture of entitlement” suggests that many people now have highly unreasonable expectations about what they are entitled to.

When our ancestors landed at Plymouth Rock centuries ago they came for a couple of reasons. To have Freedoms, or Rights, that were not allowed in their homeland. One example is the Right or Freedom of Speech. The ability to speak what, where,how, when and to whom you want to. Our Ancestors came here also for us to have the Right to have Freedom to worship a God, or the Goddess of their understanding how, when and where you want to.

My personal Ancestors came to this country legally along with millions of other families who were fleeing bad things that were happening in the home land and a great many of them waved(and still do the American flag. They learned the American way of life and obeyed the laws of this country. They also adopted and embraced the flag and all it stands for. It is a symbol of our Rights and Freedoms along with those who’ve fought and died for it. Many of us have Ancestors who’ve fought and died for each and every one of us living here so we can keep these Rights and Freedoms we hold so dear.

Something else that is a Right. The Right to not only feel, but to actually be safe and secure wherever I am. Meaning I have the Right to be safe from being attacked whether it’s verbal or physical. At the same time, it’s my Responsibility to follow the laws and not incite violence. Finally, I have the Right to say what I want without fear of being bullied or threatened with violence.

Tomorrow I’ll go into some examples of Rights and their Responsibilities


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