Rights and Responsibilities Part 3

Written March 15, 2017

Part 3

Let’s discuss one more group of Rights and Responsibilities and what we can do moving forward.

Miscellaneous Rights

Our children have the Right live on a planet that is viable and will sustain them for years to come. We are Responsible for how we care for our lands today so this is possible. They in turn are Responsible to teach future generations and so on. We are Responsible as adults to show young people how to behave and what or how to do things that future generations can also learn from. We need to teach them Respect for others, themselves and our planet. We need to them Responsibility for their actions and life’s lessons, and Reverence for all of creation. To do this we not only have to talk with our children about how to live but we also need to lead by example. We set up the foundation. From there we can build them up to be great leaders and care takers for the future of our world and the people who live in it.

We must do these things so that our society does not descend into total anarchy, chaos and lawlessness. We can’t run around using up and polluting everything from the lands to the water and air. Yes, all of us adults, need to teach them, but the Responsibility starts at home with the parent(s) to build the foundation. Imagine if we were not taught this thru the years. If we are irResponsible with any of our Rights and Freedoms, or run around willy nilly burning buildings in protest, dropping “F bombs”, or throwing garbage where and whenever we wanted and so on, what would our lives and planet look like? Do you have this picture in your mind yet?

There is a saying that when we take care for our land and its people that they will take care of us. Let’s start today, this very moment, to be responsible for them. Another saying is “Respect is earned, not just given”. It’s just like the Golden Rule  says, to treat people as you would want to be treated. There are many people who feel they are entitled to be respected as a whole yet they respect no one.

Tho some might disagree with me, there are lots of people who say they have a Right to this or they’re entitled to that. This is especially true when it comes to assistance from governmental programs. Truth be told, if anyone is entitled to or has the Right to those things it’s the elderly, our veterans or someone who’s lost a job and they’re trying to get a new one. Government assistance programs were supposed to be temporary help until you got back on your feet. Now we have millions of people who are and have been on it for far to long. There are far to many people who are able to work, however there are many who are not able to find work. Of those people, many had their jobs for 5, 10, even 30yrs until the company closed their doors, moved to another state or even another country. This has happened in my lil corner of the world.


I understand if you’re not happy with the ResponsibilitIes that go along with these Rights. Of course if you’re that unhappy with the Rights, Freedoms, entitlements and Responsibilities that you have here, there’s always other countries where people have no Rights, Freedoms, entitlements at all. You are more than welcome to see what it’s like to live there.

Yes we are living in an exciting time. To watch history be made as well as being a part of creating it is exciting. The presidential election for 2016 is over, America has spoken by choosing our 45th president and he started working on day 1. The 2016 campaign season broke all of the records and molds but was also most divisive that I can remember in my lifetime. We have half of the country that’s happy with the outcome and the other half that’s not – and it still shows. Now, we as a country need to begin healing. What will it take for us as a country to heal?

First thing we need to do is to practice Spiritual Principles like acceptance, hope, tolerance, empathy, and forgiveness to name a few. Accept the 45th President has been chosen and tolerate him – flaws and all. Give him a chance and hope he will be good for the many and the others before him. Have empathy for those who didn’t vote for him(or didn’t vote at all) and are upset still. Most importantly talk to and listen to each other’s concerns and come up with solutions without talking or yelling over each other.

Where do I start you ask? You start at home. Create a loving and nurturing home where everyone understands what family is. Then branch out to your neighborhood, your community and don’t stop. I’ve written about leaving the world a better place than when you found it. That’s not just some positive attitude cliche or slogan for a shirt or social media post. It’s also a way of life, a way to live.

It’s really easy too. You see garbage, pick it up. You walk down the street or you’re out anywhere and you meet eyes with a stranger, smile or better yet say “Hello” or “Have a nice day”. Heck, be a writer, musician, or artist and inspire others that way. There are so many small things we can do to begin making positive changes in this world. Making a positive change does not need to be some grandiose plan. It can be that one small thing you do. It’s even inspiring children to do the same. If negative stuff can spread from one person to another like a virus why can’t positive stuff do the same? One by one it can be done and it starts with you. “Be the change you want to see happen, instead of trying to change everyone else.” by Arleen Lorrance.

While looking to accurately define the two words, I found an excellent article defining these two words. Maybe clarifying them is a better way to put it. I rather liked where it says;

“As laws, proclamations and politically correct pressure groups rain supposed Rights on ever more narrowly defined and exclusive groups and causes, it is a sure sign that we are forgetting how the very freedoms we take for granted were preserved through the centuries; namely, by the Responsibility and Self-Sacrifice of our predecessors. Nobody said it better, from a national perspective, than John F. Kennedy: ‘Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.’(from a site called Vison.org, “Rights vs Responsibilities”)  


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