Our Life is a Ceremomy

Written March 25, 2014(edited 2017)

“Our Life is a Ceremony. From our first breath, to our last, we are in contact with the Invisible. Many still don’t recognize it yet, but many more Hearts and Minds are Awakening to this simple fact, We are All as One. All are cells of the same Organism. The Awakened and Awakening ones are as the Breath of the Invisible.” ~Doug

Something to ponder:

While I was growing up the world I knew seemed so much bigger than it really was. I remember at about 4 years old thinking that our family dog and our back yard were both really big when in reality it wasn’t. I found out many years later, after a visit to the old neighborhood that the yard was much smaller than I’d imagined in my mind and our dog was actually a basset hound. Each phase of my life I found out there was more in the world than what I thought I knew. Very much like our ancestors as they discovered that the Earth wasn’t quite as flat as they thought it was.

As I’ve gotten a little older, and I think a little wiser, I found out there was more to what I was taught about religion and spirituality, and even the history, than what I’d known. I found out that I was merely a piece of the quilt of life. I realized that I’m part of something bigger than myself. That I am you and you are me and together we are all part of our Higher Power’s plans, a purpose for which we know nothing about just yet.

I also learned that I am not the only one who feels this way. There are many more like me who have been awakened to this. And even though we may all have a different religion many people all over this planet are working towards and for this entity that some call God, Buddha, Creator, Allah or any other name in between, for the greater good.

Each new day brings about more and more awareness to this fact and each new day brings a spiritual awakening in another of my brothers and sisters. We are all realizing that we are more alike than we are different. We are realizing that Mitakuye O’yasin – We Are All Related.

At one time, religion, or at the very least a belief in a Higher Power, was in almost every household. People would go to church, bible study, maybe even coffee hour or some sort of fellowshipping. Grace, or a prayer, would be said before meals and no one was offended by a Nativity scene in front of their neighbors house, the church or even town hall.

Sometime over the last 30 to 40 years the belief in a Power Greater than ourselves has gone by the wayside. For whatever reason people just stopped believing in something Greater than themselves and it shows. There are so many people with negative or defeatist attitudes. Anger and hatred has been spreading like wildfire.

Now all that is changing. The tide is beginning to shift back again. Some people are opening their eyes back up to their original Higher Power and some are opening their eyes to a different one altogether. People are beginning to take a stand for themselves and their beliefs again. I’m not saying that everyone will say Grace before meals again, but instead of all this violence, every day at least one person sees the light. That person realizes that their misery can be alleviated by asking a Power Greater than himself for His help. Maybe not taken away but at least eased up so that they can get thru it.

There is still hope for worldwide peace some day, as long as we keep in contact with our Higher Power.


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About Bella’s Thoughts. This is a project that I began in my mind a number of years ago when I began reading some daily meditations. I had my own thoughts on many occasions and attempted to journal many times without success. It began to take shape when I took on another project for a Spiritual Advisor and dear friend who past away. To learn more about me read my very first blog post. For more daily reflections go to... https://www.facebook.com/Stephanies-Sweetgrass-and-Dancin-1414954615472943/

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