The Dance

Written March 30, 2014(edited 2017)

“When we Dance, there is one foot on the ground and the other foot is up off the ground. Just as when we walk, one foot up, one foot down. Life is like that also, we must have the ups and the downs to be in motion, moving forward thru Life. To stay in one spot is to become stagnant.” ~Doug

Something to ponder…

While reading this today I’m reminded of a Garth Brooks song “I Could’ve Missed the Dance”. Part of the chorus goes “I could’ve missed the pain, but I have had to miss the dance…” In the song it’s about just that. Life is a dance and if we choose to “sit it out and miss the pain” like the song suggests, we end up missing the lessons from those hard times or the blessings of the good times.

So many times thru life I’d wanted to skip over, under or around the challenging, even downright hard as hell, moments in my life. ALL of the stuff I’ve gone thru in my life has shaped me into the woman I am today. Everything from getting my license as a teenager or having a fight with a relative, friend, or boyfriend to my divorce and being allowed to stay in my mother’s house until I choose to leave and all events in between. If I’d have chosen to sit out on any one of the events in my life I wouldn’t be who I am today. And as long as I keep doing the right thing for the right reasons while putting one foot in front of the other my life can be full of many blessings.

As humans with free will, we have the choice to react, respond, or engage in situations or with people we’re around. One thing we forget is there is a Power or Force that is Greater than us that either puts us in places, puts people in our paths or takes them away for various reasons. Usually those reasons are to teach us or to guide us on the right path. Sure we can pray for things we want to happen but He may not feel it’s the best for us at that time. We feel our prayers are unanswered and perhaps He can’t hear us or worse, we feel as tho He’s abandoned us.

That’s what happened with me. A number of years ago I had a bunch of stuff happen to me and I thought my Higher Power was punishing me or had abandoned me. I realized years later that I had turned my back on Him. The funny thing is there’s part of me that wouldn’t mind changing some things that happened but there’s also the part of me that wouldn’t change a thing. The reasons for wanting to change things is because that sentimental part of me misses the good times and I was comfortable. However in going thru all I’ve gone thru I find I’m able to help others to go thru similar situations or at least identify with how someone feels. In being able to do this I’m able to in some way help another person like I was helped. This helps my heart because as much as I dislike being in pain, I hate seeing others in pain.


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