Journey of a “Peep”

Written April 16, 2017

I recently posted some pictures of the tasty treat has become synonymous with easter, Peeps(Ok, it’s not the only candy that is associated with Easter, but it is on the list).

I was asked, “Gotta history question or two for you… since I’m not a candy eater, especially not marshmallows, which I understand is the basic part of a “peep” by asking someone else what the heck is a “peep” is… When did these “peeps” first appear on the scene? and when/why/how the heck did “peeps” become the slang for one’s special people?”

After responding with a link to a Wikipedia reference, the following was left for a comment, “Aw… but I wanted your history, not Wiki’s history…”. So here is my account of the history of Peeps…

Once upon a time, in a land far away(one always starts a story this way), a candy maker wanted to pack more sugary goodness into the candy he was making for Easter. Sure, chocolate is tasty and there are other types of delectable treats but he wanted to make something new and special for the day.

As he was going thru his confectionery cookbook for ideas, he noticed a bag of marshmallows and a bag of sugar sitting near him. Just then it came to him. “I know! If I take marshmallows and combine them with sugar I can make a really sweet confection!”

First he tried rolling a marshmallow in the sugar. But alas, the sugar didn’t not stick. Then he thought if he roasted the marshmallow over the fire hoping it would soften its exterior.  Again, this did not work because as soon as it came out of the fire, the exterior hardened up and the sugar still did not stick.

Next, as he was eating a marshmallow, it came to him. He stuck the gooey inside of it into a cup of sugar that was sitting near him. Eureka! It stuck! What he did next was a stroke of genius. The candy maker mashed the marshmallows up enough to expose the gooey inside, then took that and rolled it in sugar and, viola! His new treat was made! Then, since these were being made for Easter, the candy maker shaped them into little chicks(because they’re a part of Easter too) and colored the sugar to make them look more fun.

Finally, since they needed a name. After much thought, he realized that little chick’s make a “peep” sound. He also realized that there would be more than one in a package and of course the plural for “peep” would be “peeps”, a new sugary confection was hatched, um, er, made.

Now, to answer the other part of the question, “when/why/how the heck ‘peeps’ became the slang for one’s special people.” After some extensive research, I came upon this site…

What the Heck are “Peeps”?( )


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