Mitakuye O’yasin – We Are All Related

Written April 18, 2014(edited 2017)

“We Are All Related……to me this means ALL (this includes ALL animal, mineral or vegetable matter… wink emoticon ) ….not just those Walking this particular Road with me. Related, not just physically, or mentally, or emotionally…we ARE related Spiritually, no matter our Beliefs…We need to Work Together, as Family. the Human Family, the Human Tribe. Working Together We Can! We Can…that is a Big statement……Imagine what can come after Together We Can…..” ~Doug

Something to ponder…

I remember when I was in high school, a few years ago(😉) we had the different groups of kids. We had the nerds, preppies, jocks, and let’s not forget the losers. Of course very rarely, if ever, did anyone talk to another person outside of their group. It wasn’t the “cool” thing to do. If a jock spoke to a nerd they’d most likely be picking on that nerd. As I have been reflecting back on my life lately, I’ve realized how silly we all were. What we didn’t understand was that if any of us were cut we would notice that we would bleed the same red color.

Just like in the world beyond my school days the same truth applies. No matter what race, creed, religion, lack of religion, or socioeconomic status we are related. No matter if it’s a human or animal, if we are cut we all bleed red blood. Not to mention the fact that we are all interdependent on each other to live. The plants feed various animals and filter the air we breathe. Insects feed the various animals, some animals feed each other all the way up the food chain to us.

Here is another way of looking at how we are related. We are all the creation of our Higher Power, put upon the Earth in a to live in balance and harmony with each other. Should anything get to much off kilter, other species are affected badly. No one species is greater than the other. We are equally important. So we must take care of each other – plant, insect, animal, and human – to survive in balance and harmony with each other.

I am reminded of the following quote, “The Red Road is a circle of people standing hand in hand, people in this world, people between people, in the Spirit world, star people, animal people, stone people, river people, tree people…The Sacred Hoop. ” ~Lakota Indian

In my journey on the Red Road I have learned many wonderful things. From the music to the beautiful dances and especially the love Creator has for and wants for all of us. He also wants us to share that love with all creatures great, small, winged, legged, animal, plant, mineral… And of course people with different skin colors; red, white, black, yellow, purple, blue, well you get my point. ALL creatures we see. Many other beliefs, faiths and religions believe this too.

Somewhere along the way people changed. They have become impatient, intolerant, selfish, self-centered and especially dishonest. They dislike, even hate, people who are different from them in many ways. The color of one’s skin, their belief or lack of belief in a Higher Power, their religion or faith, anything the person is or does that’s not “right” or “normal” in their eyes. What we don’t seem to understand is how this affects the ones we are judging and gossiping about. It still hurts them.

One example, while setting aside any political viewpoints, is people protesting about Blue People and making it sound like they’re all bad. As i see the protesting, I find myself asking where are the protesters when Black People kill other Black People? What about the atrocities that the Red People endured? Or the Brown People and the Yellow People? And there’s also the Four Leggeds, the Winged Ones and the Standing People that also feel pain.

Perhaps the ones who are hurting others never outgrew those schoolyard days when the bullies took their lunch money. Today let’s try to understand and be kind to one another. Remember this. When you’re pointing 1 finger at someone you have 3 more fingers pointing back at you. We must remember that Mitakuye O’yasin – We Are All Related.


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