Written April 29, 2017

“Expectations are premeditated resentments.” ~Anonymous

Oh how I still like to try to control people, places and things.  Even though I’ve been taught that I am powerlessness over everything outside of myself and the tools to deal with life, I still find myself resentful when things don’t go my way.  And I can usually trace my resentments back to my expectations. These can be expectations about people and situations.

Expectations are indications that I haven’t fully turned my will and life over to my Higher Power.  It means I’ve forgotten that my job is to suit up and show up and that it is my Higher Power’s job to take care of the results.  Since expectations are anticipated hopes, dreams and results in disguise, it’s no wonder they so easily lead to resentments.

Today I use expectations as reminders to refocus my energy and thoughts on the actions that I have to take and to stay out of the results.  I’ll admit, some days it’s harder to do than other days. When I feel that feeling of expecting the result to a situation go my way I stop and remind myself that there’s a chance I could get let down. Then I turn my expectations back over to my Higher Power.  

Doing this allows me to be truly open to the gifts in the results (and they are always there if I am open to them), and it keeps me safe from unnecessary resentments, negative thoughts or acting impulsively.

Thought for the day: Tell yourself, “I will accept whatever comes my way. If I feel that I am expecting a person or situation to be a certain way, I’ll stop and remind myself that I am powerless then turn it over to my Higher Power.”

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