There is No Death…

Written May 12, 2016(edited 2017)

“There is no death, only a change of worlds.” ~Chief Seattle

My very first memories of death was the death of one of my grandmothers(my dad’s mother). I was about 5 or 6yrs old and all I remember asking was why everyone was crying. When I was told of her passing I still didn’t quite understand the whole thing. It wasn’t until 10yrs later that I understood the grief that’s felt when someone you love dies. This time is was my grandfather(my dad’s father). That was right about the time I became a bit of handful for my parents.

I loved both sets of grandparents and had a special bond with each of them. This grandfather taught me about gardening and, while working in the garden one day, we found my first Native American arrowhead. Later that day, when he and I were in his office, my grandfather gave me others that he’d found. This is also my first memory of being drawn to and wanting to learn more about Native Americans, especially the tribes that lived in our little corner of the world.

I also remember the day of his funeral. I was allowed to skip school that day to go to his funeral. I remember seeing his lifeless body as he laid there. I thought to myself that he didn’t look at all like the grandfather I knew and loved, but at the same time he looked so peaceful. He’d suffered from cancer. It took me some time to get thru his passing.

Since that day nearly 30yrs ago, I’ve lost my other grandfather, my father, different great aunt’s and uncles, friends and most recently my grandmother. I’ve grown quite a bit over the years since my dear grandfather’s passing. Since then I’ve learned that our souls are energy and our bodies are just the vessels. I’ve also learned that when a person passes away it doesn’t mean they’re gone forever. Many times, those loved ones, rather their spirit or energy, are still around us but we don’t always “see” or “hear” them.

Have you ever had a time when you just knew something or an idea just pops into your head? I’m talking about something you normally wouldn’t know. Maybe you’ve smelled a familiar perfume or goodies cooking but no one near you was wearing that perfume and no goodies were being cooked. Or perhaps if you’re going thru a particularly difficult time in life and you feel like you were being hugged yet no one was there? I’ve had things like this happen to me and have come to learn that sometimes this is one of my loved ones who’s passed and they’re by my side giving me protection, guidance and reassurance.

As a kid growing up, my father and I had our difficulties and it wasn’t until his last few years of life that we became fairly close. Since he’s been gone, I’ve had numerous things happen. I have times when I need a little help or guidance with something. This is when I look up and ask my dad for help and suddenly I know what I need to do. These are the times I know my dad is right there beside me giving me the the guidance I need.

As long as I live in will never forget the time I was searching this place high and low for something that was misplaced. While I was in the basement searching, I heard a voice telling me right where to go to find it. I blew it off once or twice but curiosity led me to this location which was a highly unlikely location. To my utter amazement, I found what I was looking for.

Thought for the day: When our loved ones pass away, they are not necessarily gone for good. Their energy(or Spirit) will be around us whenever we need them. Plus we keep them alive in our hearts and memories.


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