Anniversaries of Bad Events

Written May 13, 2016 (edited 2017)

Today I thought I’d write about anniversaries of bad or tragic events. We’ve all had them at least once in our life. Matter of fact, I am fast approaching the anniversary of just one of my many bad events. It was the first of my(so far) 3 life changing events. In just a few short days I will be remembering the day that changed my life forever 14 years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday.

A few years ago, I had a cute little loft apartment in a really good neighborhood between two villages just outside of town. It was actually a converted attic but my best friend and I made it very homey. I was within walking distance of the lake and two restaurants. I had a sun porch, a nice yard and a clothesline that I used all the time whenever the temperature was at least 60°. Two odd things that I loved were a claw foot bath tub and a throne on a throne as we called it. It was really a toilet on a platform. Probably to accommodate for the existing plumbing when it was replaced.

I shared my home with a beloved menagerie of animals – a “few” cats, 2 ferrets and 3 very large fish. Around the corner was my best friend and her family where I frequently ate dinner or went for a dip in the pool on hot summer days. That was quite possibly the best time of my life. I had life by the…um, we’ll you know. I lived and made many memories there during the 6 years I lived there. That is, until one fateful day in May.

I woke up one morning with a killer migraine and contemplated calling in sick. I decided against it because I didn’t want to leave my co worker stranded alone that day, so I pulled myself together and went to work. As I was muddling thru my morning at work I got an odd phone call from my best friends husband. He asked if I was going to be there for a while because he needed to stop down to see me for something. After that came the worst phone call I’d gotten in my life(aside from calls that a family member passed away). It was from my best friend. When I said hello she screamed in my ear that the apartment house I lived in was on fire.

I ran thru the office to get my things and leave. I yelled to my supervisor what was happening and I was leaving. He told me to get the hell out of there and be safe while driving. While I was running thru the parking lot to my car, I was stopped by my best friends husband. He said he knew what going on and came to get me. He demanded that I get into get in the truck. He knew I drove normally(with a lead foot) and he was afraid of me getting into an accident driving like a psycho to get home. He was absolutely right.

When we approached the house all I could see was thick smoke billowing thru the neighborhood. Because of the barricades, we couldn’t get very close. I flew out of the truck and ran the length of about 2 or 3 city blocks until I was recognized as a tenant who lived there and I was grabbed by a couple of police officers. I needed to be restrained from going any closer. All I remember next was my screams, “My cats! My cats! I need to go in and get my babies!” I was finally released into my best friend’s arms. As we stood where we were allowed, we watched in horror as the flames and smoke billowed out of every window of my apartment. I wept more for my beloved pets than for any of my material possessions.

As my tears and a million different thoughts and feelings flooded the street along with water from the fire trucks, two firefighters came out of the house carrying something that looked pretty heavy. It was my steamer trunk with all, and I do mean ALL, of my pictures in it. Baby pictures, family pictures, high school pictures of my friends and even pictures of ex boyfriends with eyes blacked out and horns drawn on their heads(what can I say, I was very angry at a couple of them).

Miraculously, even tho my beloved animals, all of my clothes and 95% of the rest of my belongings perished, I had my pictures. I had my pictures, the clothes on my back, and one set of sheets that were on the clothesline. We were all lucky to have our lives even tho each one of us had our world was turned upside down and inside out.     

I have times when I still get a little emotional about the fire. I’ve even had a time or 2 when I could smell the smoke. Despite the heartache of that day, I have accepted that it was something my Higher Power felt I needed in my life. I needed to make a change in my life and this was the only way it would happen for me.

Since then I have risen from the ashes just like the Phoenix. Another blessing was that a friend in my life back then introduced me to the Rainbow Bridge to ease my heartache over the loss of my beloved pets. I have shared the Rainbow Bridge with others who’ve lost their furry kidz over the years.

Thought for the day: As I reflect on the bad events in had around this time 14yrs, 3yrs and a month ago I see where I have grown and how I’ve survived. I realize more and more how my Higher Power works in my life. As each year passes I mourn less and less for what was lost and instead celebrate the new path that has been laid out before me.

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