Written May 19, 2017

“If you’re not pissing off an idiot than you are an idiot” ~ Ted Nugent

I’ve written before about the slow growing rumble in America. You know what I’m talking about. The slowly growing rumble caused by all of the stuff that has been going on over the years. The rumble that caused the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. What’s caused it and who are these people you ask?

The “who” is middle America. They are the blue collfcar, hard working, often overworked and underpaid people of America. First responders, factory workers, teachers, cashiers, farmers, mechanics and many others. Basically the people who are the backbone of this country. They are the unheard forgotten men and women of America. They are the same people who try to discuss politics and other hot button topics but they are shouted down and called names like racist, misogynist, xenophobe, homophobe, deplorable and other names. Many of these people made their voices known in the 2016 election.

The “what” that’s causing the rumbling in the hearts and minds of these people are numerous reasons. but the short list is failed policies, high taxes, corrupt politicians, unaffordable healthcare, along with job and income loss. They want to feel safe in their communities from criminal illegal immigrants and radicalized refugees who sneak in the country often more than once. Plus the politicians who don’t denounce or condemn the violent protests in their communities.

These people sit back in silence while Political Correctness is shoved down their throats and Freedom of Speech, Religion and the Right to Bear Arms are ripped away from them while being called fascists by people who actually are being fascist. Personally if I hear one more time that Russia is responsible for the garbage of this presidency I’m going to go crazy.

Day after day, American citizens like the ones I mentioned are hit with headline after headline from mainstream media about how bad President Trump is for the country and so on. Another thing Americans are hit with daily is politicians continuously obstructing a blocking President Trump at every turn. They also take no shame in showing their hypocritical practices as they are caught on camera saying one thing in the past and saying something totally different today.

There’s two major flaws, with these practices. These kind of things continue to further divide the country and fan the flames of anger and hatred in the people who despise him. Also, for anyone who voted for President Trump, this adds to their anger towards the mainstream media and elitist mentality. They are tired of working hard only to work even harder while others win. They are tired of being told how to live.

I wrote months ago that I, and others like me, feared that despite who won the election our country would surely fall into another Civil War. I’m not to far off from my prediction. Now I make another one. I predict that if these career politicians and the media elite get their way and are successful in having the President impeached there will be an all out actual civil war, only it won’t be very civil. I can see where blue collar, hard working, middle America will rise up like we’ve never seen before.

Going back to the quote. An idiot is a person of lower-than-normal intelligence; someone who does foolish things; a person lacking intelligence or common sense. The word originated in the 1300s, from the Old French word idiote, which meant “person so mentally deficient as to be incapable of ordinary reasoning.” Today, though, idiot describes anyone who does foolish things, especially things that inconvenience others.(

A couple of examples of an idiot your car getting stolen because you left it unlocked with the key in the ignition. Or if you put the Thanksgiving turkey in the oven but forget to turn it on. When you take it out in four hours, you’ll have a cold turkey and a bunch of relatives calling you “idiot.”(

Putting Ted Nugent’s quote into context, look at what the media and other politicians are doing. They continue to hammer this Russian narrative and report on leaks without naming their names, let alone their sources of their information. But yet if you traveled the country and actually asked Americans you would hear that they’re sick and tired of hearing the lies and hypocrisy that separates this country.

Now, I’m not endorsing any one mainstream media outlet over another, but the next time President Trump is giving a speech on live TV, I encourage you to watch it. Watch the whole thing with an open mind. Preferably on Fox news because I know that they typically show the whole speech without interruption. Next, watch or read other mainstream media. Notice how President Trump’s words are twisted and used against him.

Now I know what you may be thinking. You may be thinking I’m some deplorable, irredeemable, backwoods, redneck, hillbilly bitch who supports  President Trump and that I get my information from from news outlets and social media that lies. You may be calling me a racist, feminist, homophobe, misogynist or any other name you can think of. I assure you, you couldn’t be further from the truth. I have a college degree and as I’ve said, I’m neither a pessimist nor an optimist. I am a realist. I see things the way they actually are. If I hear information that doesn’t sound right, I look it up. If I hear something that has a whiff of untruth to it, I research it.

The world as we know it is in more turmoil than ever before. Whether you believe in deep state “puppeteers” or some other conspiracy theory makes no difference. We need to put aside our petty differences and false narratives so we can bring about some semblance of peace. Not so much for ourselves and our sanity but for the sake of future generations who will inherit the mess we leave behind.

A message to all the idiots(leaders and mainstream media) out there. The American public need to, no I take that back. They have a RIGHT to know the truth.

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