“The Road Less Traveled”

Written May 20, 2016(edited 2016)

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” ~ Robert Frost

Who’d have thought years ago when I had to memorize this poem that I’d contemplate it more in my adult years! One can look at this poem, actually, this quote, a couple of ways. The way Robert Frost intended is looking at our journey in life and the choices we make. Or look at it as actually our path from point A to point B.

A site that discusses the meaning of this poem says, “The yellow coloring of the woods is representative of the light, hope, and promise that the speaker is standing before. His future is bright and stretches before him. Tho both paths are equally lit, he must choose only one.

It goes on to say, “The poem is set in the woods because we get an image of a quiet, deserted place where the speaker is left alone to decide. There are no road signs or people to stop and ask for directions. Similarly, there are no signs in life designed to help people choose their path”.

Pretty straightforward right? So many times in life we come to this divergence, or separation of paths, and we need to choose. Both choices lead to light and hope for the future but each path has different circumstances and situations to get there. Some of these circumstances and situations are more difficult than others.

The other thought came to me when I was out traveling the other day. In life when we physically travel from point A to point B we don’t really pay attention to our route. We just go. I had some errands to run the other day and I had two different routes I could take home. I could take one route that would be the quickest and more populated or the one that would be the most scenic and is less traveled. One was for the most part straight and the other had twists and turns. One was smooth riding while the other was a bit rough. Despite the fact I was in somewhat of a hurry, I chose the scenic route.

You see I am blessed to live in a beautiful part of the country. Since nature and music soothes my soul, I combined the 2 and enjoyed the journey. Sure, I had stuff I needed to do at home and maybe I procrastinated a bit but I also knew stuff would eventually get done.

As I drove, I felt the anxiety and depression loosen the grip that it had on me. Kind of like Robert Frost said, “I took the one less traveled, and that has made all the difference.” Taking the scenic way, a path less traveled, well, it did make all the difference.

Along the route I stumbled on a couple of osprey nests, one of them had the beautiful bird in it. I pulled over to take a picture of that and then down the road I pulled over and got out of my car again. This time I was overlooking my Higher Power’s creation of a waterway. I breathed in the spring air and began to feel human again. After a couple more pictures, I headed for home on the winding road thru the hills of my lil corner of the world.

Thought for the day: Instead of taking the same old quick route to or from work, school, errands, etc, why not take the scenic route. You never know what beauty you’ll find.

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