The Eternal…

Written May 22, 2014(edited 2017)

“The Eternal is Always Present with us. It is in each moment of the day, every step we take. An ever present part of us, as We are a part of It. Step into Your role as Co- Creator. Feel the Light-ness of Eternity. Smell the Ancient Medicine around You. Let Your thoughts move in the Ways of the Mystery, the Ways of the Un-Seen. Close your eyes, and then open your Eye, let your Feet roam along the Ancient path by the Stream. Let Your Consciousness, be bathed, and washed in the Stream of the un- Consciousness. Then Walk into Your Day…re-Newed. re-Freshed, re-Connected to the Source, ready to Be, the Eternal….” ~ Doug

Something to ponder…

I grew up going in a religion where we went to church every Saturday and Sunday school every Sunday from kindergarten thru 12th grade. In this religion I was taught that if I sinned that I was going to hell if I didn’t confess, do a penance and ask for His forgiveness. After high school I quit going to church partly because I didn’t like the fact that I was going to hell every other week because I slipped up and did something bad, among other things.

Years later I felt He abandoned me in my time of need. “Where were you when my house caught fire, or when this or that happened?!? Why are you making me go thru this or that?!” It wasn’t until a few years later that I found out that my Higher Power is good, kind, loving, caring and forgives me when I ask for it – and I didn’t even have to go to confession.

I learned that when I need help with anything, anytime all I need to do is ask my Higher Power. He’s available, without fail, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Not to mention nights, weekends and holidays too! To access Him I only need to pray then meditate(or wait) for His reply. To pray I can talk, sing, meditate, dance or say a prayer that I know. I can also ask for guidance, strength, healing or just to say thank you for this day.

What I forget sometimes, and that many people may not know, is that my Higher Power can’t just pick up a phone, call me and tell me directly what He wants me to know. He gives me the help and answers I seek in other ways. He may put or take away people in my life just when I need it. Often times this is to teach me some kind of lesson. Looking at my own life and the people who’ve entered it and left it, I can see where I learned many lessons.

The same is true with events or situations. Good and bad things happen to teach me or guide me to what my Higher Power would like me to do. And then there’s His timing. Our Higher Power gives me WHAT I NEED, WHEN I need it. He does not give me what I WANT, when I want it. This is also another way of saying Higher Power’s will for me.

In the process of learning this I also learned that all the bad “stuff” that happens to me or around the world is not what He wants for me or any of His children. Our Higher Power gives us free will to do what we want but there are consequences for what we do and say. So when I thought He abandoned me, I realized it was I who abandoned Him. Years later I realized that because I needed a change in my life and I couldn’t do it on my own He gave me the shove I needed.

Today I know my Higher Power is not only by my side but He is accessible to me all the time and anywhere I am. I know that with His help and guidance I can do anything I set my mind to. I have faith He’ll heal me when I am sick. Just as the Footprints poem says, He’ll walk beside me when Life is good and when life gets me down, etc He will carry me.

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