Rights vs Responsibility

Written May 26, 2014(edited 2017)

“With all the talk of “rights””, sometimes it seems that Responsibility is forgotten. We have a Responsibility to the Future Generations to come ( it is their right). It is Our Responsibility to leave them a World they can Live in (it is their right). It is Our Responsibility to leave a clean Earth, with a sustainable Culture (it is their right). Seeds that will reproduce a Nourishing Harvest (it is their right). Water that is Clean and not contaminated with filth (it is their right). Sustainable energy sources (it is their right). It is Our Responsibility to raise Our Children, and Our Grandchildren to be Seeds of the Future. So they can see their Responsibility to the Future. Look for, and choose Leaders that carry Responsibility. That hold a Vision of a Future that We can Share. A Responsibility to the Seventh Generation (it is their right).” ~ Doug

Something to ponder…

Kids, and sometimes adults, say “It’s my right to have/do this or that or that. I have a right to say this or that.” Many, so it seems, have lost their way on the difference between the two. A “right” is something that a person is or should be morally or legally allowed to have, get, or do. A “responsibility” is something that one is required to do as part of a job, role, or legal obligation.

These words often get blurred. For example the First Amendment of the Constitution says that the people are able to have the freedom of speech. To be allowed to say what we want and when or where we want. Having the right to protest is one of these rights and while this is true, we do not have the right to be disrespectful or violent while we to this. The police have the responsibility to allow the protesting but also the responsibility to not allow the protesters to break the law when doing so. It is our responsibility as adults to show the young people how to behave and what or how to do things so that future generations can also learn from us.

We must do these things so that our society does not descend into chaos and lawlessness. We are also responsible for how we care for our lands so that future generations have a viable way to live. We mustn’t run around polluting everything from the lands to the water and air. Imagine if we were not taught these things while growing up. We would end up running around willy nilly dropping “F bombs”, throwing garbage where and whenever we wanted and….do you have this picture in your mind yet?

Now imagine the opposite where we act respectively to all people and things great and small. There is a saying that when we take care for our land and its people that they will take care of us. We have the responsibility to act and take care of the land today for future generations so they in turn can teach more future generations and so on. Let’s start today, this very moment, to be responsible for them.  

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