“Follow YOUR Path…”

Written July 7, 2014(edited 2017)

“Follow YOUR Path, with Honesty and Integrity. Don’t allow another to point you down their path. A rabbit does not wish it was the hawk, a deer doesn’t wish it was a bear, a frog doesn’t wish it was a bird. Be happy being yourself. There is no one like you, never has been, never will be. You are not someone else’s’ expectation, you are uniquely you. You are responsible to the Universe to be who you are.” ~Doug

Something to ponder…

As children growing up we may have heard not to give into peer pressure and we probably thought that our parents were full of it. Next thing we know we’re being or feeling like we’re left out of the “cool” group of kids so we start doing what they were doing. This might be ok for a while especially if you were shy like I was. Doing innocent things like dressing or talking a certain way is one thing but what about the not so good things? Ditching school and innocent pranks may be walking that fine line. It’s not so “cool” when they’re smoking, drinking alcohol and perhaps even using drugs.

Little did I appreciate it back then, but the problem with doing these kinds of things is that they can lead to big problems as we get older. Taking the stance that my mother did isn’t a good idea either. She knew the times when I came home drunk but said nothing because she thought I’d grow out of it. I admit that the reason I followed what the crowd was doing because they were having fun, or so it seemed to me back then.

I went on from school to be a fairly good and respectable person who’s had her fair share of problems. There are others who continue down the rabbit hole to become addicts, alcoholics, thieves, convicted felons and so on. You see, I believe that all of us were born to walk a certain path whether it’s to be a doctor, a teacher, an artist or even a leader. When we follow the crowd we are denying ourselves the true potential we each have within ourselves to become whatever it is that we’ll be great at.

Our World is in desperate need of Great Leaders like the ones who’ve been for the most part forgotten. Leaders like Winston Churchill, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Franklin Roosevelt, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, Mao Zedong, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Gandhi.

When we have the option or or the desire to follow the crowd or wishing we were someone else we can ask ourselves these questions ; “Why am I wanting to be like this or doing this behavior? What’s my motive for this?” If the answer is to be everyone else than we know we’re not walking our own path. You can start today. Dare to be different. Choose to blaze your own trail today. Choose to be fiercely authentic. Choose to be…you.
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