Bella’s Thoughts On Fairies

Written December 5, 2016(2017)

Do you remember as a young child believing in fairies? Maybe as an adult you still believe in them or at least have an affinity or fascination in them. I stumbled on a Q and A article about them(excerpts from it are below) and now I have a new appreciation for them.

Every time I misplace something like my keys I blame “those darn, spriteful lil fairies!” Personally I think those who believe that they exist shows that they are a person of creativity and imagination. They see life with eyes of wonder. After all, isn’t that what imagination is, creative thought? After reading in the article that they live near or in nature and love nature, it’s no wonder I am fascinated by the thought of them.

I’ve concluded that one of 2 things happens regarding my keys and my gardens. 1) There really are fairies and they like me and show me by hiding little things on me and making some of my plants bigger than others, or 2) I’m a totally insane person who needs meds and a psychiatrist, perhaps a room at our local hospital. Truthfully it’s probably a little of both. Read the answers from the article and judge for yourself…

Excerpts from “Meet the Fairies – Nature angels who love to have fun.”
By Doreen Virtue

Fairies, like all humans and other Earth-dwellers, have egos. That means that they don’t automatically love everyone unconditionally as the egoless angels do.

Fairies are very loving beings, but they favor people who treat the environment and animals kindly.

Fairies live wherever there are plants or animals. They live near houseplants and pets. However, they’re especially fond of the wilderness. They don’t like pesticides or tightly manicured gardens.

Some people have fairies as spirit guides. Fairies stay with people who have a life purpose involving environmentalism or animals. You can ask the fairies for guidance about how to help the earth. In addition, fairies help us lighten up and be playful.

God made fairies as the angels of nature. They’re beings of pure, Divine light and love with an important mission of healing and protecting the environment and animals.

Like humans, fairies have egos. So they’re not unconditionally loving like the celestial angels. However, fairies are kind and fair.

You earn the fairies’ respect by extending kindness toward Mother Nature. Recycling, using Earth-friendly cleaning supplies (available at any health food store), and donating to environmental causes are just a few of the behaviors that fairies look for in their potential human friends. Once you earn the fairies’ respect, they’ll do anything for you.

Fairies don’t harm people, but they can play tricks on those whom they view as cruel toward animals or the environment. Sometimes they play mild practical jokes (like temporarily hiding things) on people they love as a way of being playful.

Thought for the day: Those who believe in magic are people who have creative and imaginative minds. However, “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ~Roald Dahl

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